The Long-Lost Report From The Honduras Teen Team (July 8)!

The team has cleaned the interior of the chapel and the main building, which has seven rooms. The kitchen was set-up in one room, but when we discovered that another room would be better, we moved it. The team has also picked up the garbage and debris around the outside of the buildings. They started cleaning the bars on the windows with wire brushes and painting with black anti-rust paint. We also put in a new water pipe so that we can use city water in addition to the well water we are now using but which will be much cheaper than the well water.

As for evangelism, today they did their first presentation at the Batalla MSSM location.There were about 30 kids and the team had a marvelous time with them. They did a drama, puppets, balloons, and games. The kids LOVED the balloon swords and they also had a LOT of fun playing duck, duck, goose!

The weather has been very good. It rains off and on throughout the day and night and it is humid, but the team is happy because, they say, it is not as hot here as it was in Florida!


The most outstanding experience, up to this point, has been going to Batalla. It is a Garifuna tribe and the kids there are black and this year, Teen Missions sent black puppets. The kids were so excited, they were saying, “Hey, they’re just like us! Their skin is our color!” And they asked if the puppets could also speak their language. Thankfully, we DID have the coloring books in their language!

Another highlight for the team was getting to go swimming in the lagoon today.

Goals for next week are to begin making trips to the communities where MSSM is operating. We will divide the group in half and half will go out while the other half stays working on the buildings. Each day they will switch so that it is fair. The goal for the buildings is to put screens on all the windows and continue painting the walls.

From Carter Demark: Hello! I am learning to appreciate the little things that I usually take for granted; such as clean clothes, showers, family and a house. Many people here aren’t as fortunate as me. Even though there’s a language barrier, the Honduran people still always smile at me and wave. I am learning to serve others, which includes my teammates. Everyone is doing well. We’re all definitely not used to horses, dogs, chickens, and crabs roaming our yard! We miss you guys!


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