News From The Cambodia Team!

Being here in Cambodia has given new meaning to the song we learned in Boot Camp, “Whether it Rains or Whether it Pours” wherever we go, we will trust You, Lord.  

On Monday and Tuesday, we ride bikes to village churches or schools to do ministry with children from toddlers to 13-year-olds.  The children gather on tile church floors or tarps under the trees to watch the team’s presentation.  On Wednesday, the team did ministry in the morning and then returned to the base to spend the afternoon helping the Bible school students plant rice.  The students have many rice fields to plant to help feed themselves.  So we plunged into the watery field to help.  Some of our clusters of rice may not have stood up as straight as theirs but the team did a great job and worked hard.  They had fun and had great attitudes through the work even in the downpour of rain.  What an experience it was!  

On Thursday, we rode by pickup truck to a waterfall.  We hiked a rugged trail back to the falls and had fun swimming in the cool water. We enjoyed a picnic lunch and a cool, wet return trip in another downpour.

Please be in prayer as we plan to share in a Muslim village on Saturday.  We expect more than 60 children to come.

Thank you for continuing to pray for our team.  We have become a real family and are loving our time here


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  1. Continue to pray for the team and their tasks. May the Lord continue to bless you!!

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