News From The Ecuador Team!

It has been a very good week  The team is looking forward to the arrival of the teens participating in the Ecuador Boot Camp on Friday.  They tried out parts of the Obstacle Course today just to see how well they built it.

Today we started pouring a floor for the pavilion we built last year. It was a great day. The team didn’t realize how much they could really accomplish when they all worked together with one goal. It looks so nice. Tomorrow we continue to pour the next section.

Our team has been asked to do a presentation on Friday evening for the Ecuador Boot Camp. The coordinators (Leonidas and Mirian )would like their team members to see how well the American team does a presentation. They have added an additional Spanish song to their line up, thanks to Mirian. It’s about a frog giving praise for a mud puddle and we should give praise for what God gives us…the children love it.

We have been sharing with each other some of the things we are thankful for. Cloudy days which are great for work, our families, and I shared that I am thankful that God cares enough to hear me asking for light traffic after I have parked the truck in town. Traffic is heavy and driving can be a bit crazy here – every time I have to pull into traffic there have been no cars! It’s as if there was a red traffic light following behind me!!

Once again thank you for allowing your children to travel to Ecuador with us. They are great.


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