News From the Honduras Preteen Team!

Hello from the Honduras Preteen Team,

We can’t believe our second week is almost done. Even though the rain decided to come early two days in a row, around 2:30 pm, the team was able to complete another 30 feet of road, so 60 feet of concrete road has been laid.  I have not be able to get to the work site this week to take a picture, but I promise to have one in Monday’s report.
Tuesday and Wednesday we experienced a lot of rain starting around 2:30 pm and going until 10 or 10:30 pm.  Last night we even lost electricity for about an hour.
Tomorrow (Friday) the team will be going to an elementary school, in Santa Cruiz to give their Gospel presentation with puppets, drama, and music.  They will also pass out tracts, Gospel coloring books and make animal balloons.  There is a chance the team will have the opportunity to help teach English and just spend some time loving on the kids.
Saturday will be a day off work and maybe another trip to town for some ice cream and a little shopping.
Enclosed are two pictures from last Saturday of the team in the truck that we travel in.  It is a very bumpy ride, but the kids enjoy and sing praise songs as we travel through the local area.  Also enclosed a picture from of the first day the team learned to wash their clothes at the washing station.
“What have you been learning in your personal devos?:
Stephen – That God will be with me what ever happens in my life.
Jackson – God can be in the smallest things.  It doesn’t have to be a big or grand thing for God to show His love or power, small is just as good.
Charlie – I like to read about the armor of God.  I know it can help me get through each day.
Amelie – I started reading through the Bible this week in Genesis.  God is all powerful.
Dalton – God can do anything big or small.

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  1. Michael J. Dunne ( Elder; Freedom Fellowship of Christ )

    Outstanding service for our Lord, Hallelujah!!!

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