And News From The Honduras Teen Team!

On Monday, half of the team went to Plaplaya, another Garifuna community, where they held a program with 14 kids. The MSSM circuit rider gives the Bible lesson and then the team play games with the kids, does a drama, puppets, and balloons.

On Tuesday, the other half of the team went to Belen, a Meskito community, where they held a program for about 20 kids. On Wednesday, the first group went to Cocobila, another Meskito community, where they actually had about 100 kids in attendance!

The half of the team that stayed back each day worked on scraping and painting the walls of the buildings, and raking all the cut grass into piles and hauling the piles off to a dumping place.

The weather has been hot and sunny, rained one day all day, cooler at night.


When the team was at Cocobila, the High Schoolers were having a soccer practice next door. The coach, even though he is not a Christian, decided to stop the practice so that the whole soccer team of about 30 could come and watch the team’s presentation! It was so wonderful because the team did the drama called Battleground which is about spiritual warfare, and in that place, they believe a lot in spirits, so they were really paying attention. At the end, Chico went up to explain the drama and then asked if anyone wanted to accept Jesus and 20 kids and three of the teenagers raised their hands! Praise the Lord!! Later, there was an ex-gang member who came to talk to Chico, and at the end, he also prayed to accept Jesus!

Thursday we will do a presentation in Ibans, Friday the team will be giving a presentation at a Middle School in the morning and at a High School in the afternoon.

Saturday, we plan to have a fun time for the team, taking them to the beach so they can swim! And Sunday, we are planning to attend a Meskito church!

Abigail Davis: Coming to Honduras was kind of scary! I mean leaving the country without my parents. But something God showed me one of my first days here is Psalm 27:1 which talks about not being afraid because God is with us. So even though coming here was scary, I know I can do it because God is with me and through Him I can do all things! 



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