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Friends and family!  We are having a wonderful time here in Mongolia.  I am sorry it has been so long since you last heard from us, we have been out in the countryside helping with the Mongolian Boot Camp and do not have access to the internet.  
Twenty-one team members arrived on Tuesday and our team was eager to begin their training.  Team members took on roles to help the Boot Camp run more smoothly.  Zuzu and Mikaila are Miss Piggy, inspecting the team member’s campsites.  Scott is Mr. O.C.  It took the team almost three whole days to set up the large Obstacle Course that surrounds our campsite, and all the team members are spread throughout the Obstacle Course judging the obstacles and making sure the Mongolian team members remain safe.  The team even took the opportunity to “try out” the OC before the team members arrived.  The team worked hard at the Wall, specifically getting team members who had not previously  gotten over the wall in Florida, over the wall in Mongolia.  Jonah & Ellie are teaching drama, with the help of Shad, Sam, Preston and Madi. Tim & David are teaching puppets and Arianne is teaching balloons.  Kyle is instructing the team members in their digging classes and other team members plan on teaching other construction classes as the week progresses.  
Every evening we have a rally under the “Big Top” (a large white tent which we put up).  Mongolian and US teams do cheers, sing , and then the US team does a puppet show or drama.  Every evening a speaker shares a message with the Mongolian Boot Camp. Our head leader Ryan spoke the first night, other pastors from the area have come in to speak.

The Mongolian Boot Camp is located about hour drive outside the the capital.  The roads are rough getting out there. We are housed in tents on a wide open grassy space about 100 yards from a river.  We are surrounded by large mountains that reminds some of us of the Colorado foothills.  
The team is getting the opportunity to eat lots of Mongolian food.  Every day the Mongolian volunteers cook two meals and our team cooks one “western meal”.  The team has been eating lots of mutton stew, rice porridge and everyone’s favorite, khuushuur (google it…it was amazing!!!).
Thank you for all of your prayers, the weather has been beautiful and with little rain.  The team is in great spirits and enjoying interacting with the Mongolian teens.  Pray also for the Mongolian teens as they prepare to go out and do their own work locally.  They will be commissioning next Thursday and on Friday we will transition to a local orphanage.


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  1. Thank you for all the information and pictures. I really didn’t have any idea what Mongolia would look like.

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