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Zambia is going at it again with some more traveling. We are now headed to Wangibisha where the future Bemba speaking Bible School will be located. Our project will be starting the foundation for the classroom, clearing land for a soccer field and travel to the different Orphan Units to play soccer and present the Gospel to the children.

The team has been doing a great job with all that they’ve been doing. The team has helped the base by working in the gardens preparing compost for the crops. The team has also spent time with the village children, pouring love into them by holding them, playing with them, coloring with them and showing their love through many other ways as well.

Sunday night we gathered around a bonfire to hear stories from our childhood and stories about God working in miraculous ways—it was a neat time of sharing. Next, we played a game called ‘sir master sir’—the goal is to pass an invisible ball without showing your teeth which usually turns into a circle of hysterical laughter. Try talking without showing your teeth and you will see how it would be a humorous game.

The team is growing a lot and as leaders, we are doing our best to point them to God who is THE head leader of this team. We have challenged them to leave childish ways behind and as Joshua 24:18 says “choose this day whom you will serve”. We all need to be seeking God in all that we do and trips like these challenge almost every aspect of our lives. God has been breaking some hardness that we each have in order to reveal the person that He wants us to be. Please be praying for your beloved children, because they are each growing and sometimes along with growth comes the internal struggle that we all face. God is moving and we are excited to have front row seats to see that change. Thanks for trusting you children to us. We are honored to have this privilege.

The team is now very busy clearing land for a soccer field, or as they call it here a Football Pitch. They are pulling down trees and clearing a lot of brush.

“Hey guys, it’s crazy that we have been in Zambia for about a week now. I really love it here. The people are so kind and their voices are so beautiful. I have loved getting to play with the kids and share Christ’s love through my testimony at a local church. (She did fantastic – leaders) The weather here is amazing and has been a nice transition from Boot Camp. We are heading into the bush today so please pray for protection and open hearts.” -Camryn

“I absolutely love it here. It has been really fun getting to know the people and the culture here. God has really been working within our team. I am really excited to do work in the bush, and to see what God has in store.” – Chloe P.

“Mulishani! Greetings from the Zambia Soccer team of 2017. We have enjoyed a week of community outreach and now are bussing out to the bush for two weeks. The past few days we have had the opportunity to present in front of the Bible School students and a Zambian Church where we also attended the service. Before that, we attended two of the weekly Sunday schools held by the TMI staff and students. During these events, we played soccer and helped with the lesson. The whole team is excited for this new leg of our journey, and we hope to make a great impact in the Aids Orphans lives.” – Abigail 

“Things in Zambia have been good so far, a lot better than Boot Camp. The weather here during the day is perfect, but at night it’s freezing, I sleep with at least three pairs of pants and two pants and two jackets on every night. We’ve gotten to go to a couple fields where we could play soccer and recite verses and just hang out with the kids which were amazing and unforgettable experiences. Right now we’re on a bus to set up camp for two weeks to clear fields and go to more Rescue Units. Everything has been good but it’s crazy to think we only have 31 more days. I love you Amaya, Porter, Mama and Dad.” -Sydney 

I prayed all last year that God would bring me back to Zambia and here I am. It feels so good to be back where God has called me and reuniting with some of my best friends from last summer. These past few weeks God has really shown me that His plans are always perfect and He has taught me to lean on Him in every situation. The last couple days we’ve had the opportunity and privilege to play soccer with orphans and help teach Sunday schools. One of the BMW students here is helping me learn the native language, Bemba. I love you guys (friends and Fam). Prayers are very appreciated for our whole team.” Courtney G

A small African child smacked me in the face today after I tried to take away the rock she wanted to hit me with. Zambia is fantastic” Grace S

Hello! We’re in Africa! I really appreciate all your prayers! I would love it if you all could pray that God would guide the whole team as we go into this new chapter of our journey! It’s definitely different here in Zambia compared to boot camp and the USA. There are a lot fewer choices here which is really eye opening to how much we have in the US. I’ve been having a fun time with the kids here at the main base, playing soccer, and just loving them. I’m excited to see all the orphans in the bush. Love you, Family! – Syd 

Hey family I miss you guys, how is everyone? I’m doing good, I haven’t been sick at all yet, things are going smoothly in Zambia so far. Today we are leaving the TMI base and going out to the orphan units and the future Bemba speaking Bible school. So it’s about to get real. -Gabe

Hello from Zambia! It feels like this trip has been an entire lifetime, and we still have a month left! We’ve been doing a lot around here including putting our soccer skills to good use. We miss you all very much and are anxious to tell you all of our stories. My personal favorite was sitting in a Zambian church with a little boy sitting on my lap falling in and out of sleep, moments like those help me realize how beautiful God’s creation is and how important it is for us to love one another. Can’t wait to get home and share more about this trip. Prepare your ears to be talked off.” Love, Elizabeth ”

As you read this on whatever device you’re using, keep in mind that I am writing this in the back of a cramped bus in the very back where the only ac is the windows. But there is no place that I would rather be. We have a four-hour bus ride till our journey in the bush begins. God is doing amazing things and I can’t wait to see what He has planned. I have a love for these kids already. Happy Birthday to Grace F and I” -Eve

*Parents – Please note that the team will be out in the bush for the next couple of weeks. Reports will be short and sporadic.


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