News From Ethiopia!

Greetings friends and family of the Ethiopia team! Things are going well here! Today we attended a lively church service that lasted a little bit longer than we are all used to… four hours. There was a great children’s choir that performed a play after the message was given. Although we couldn’t understand what the play was about, it was very fun to watch and see how involved the children were in the church and how excited the congregation was to watch their play.

Progress on the work site is slower than we would all like, but we are starting to see the foundation of the security building coming to a completion which is very exciting. The kids are glad to finally see something concrete other than just digging the ditches. The locals love to help us at the work site. Our foreman brings his children along with him and they love to help hand us the rocks that go into the foundation of the building. We have a heard of goats that visit daily and are sort of becoming a part of our team. One day they didn’t show up and the team members were kind of sad to not see them around. We pack lunches every day and eat under our tarp over looking the valley and the villages in Bako. It is quite a scenic view. On Saturday after work, we walked to the market and the kids went into a little side shop and were able to purchase cold cokes and sprites and get some Ethiopian cookies and wafers. Safe to say the little shop had to restock the next day.

The team members are getting to know the orphans more and more every day. We have to go to the orphanage in order to get our water, so we see them quite often. When we show up the children run to greet us, we have gone from the traditional handshakes to giving each other hugs now. They have been writing us letters, drawing us pictures, and picking us flowers. It’s adorable.

The team loves our evening devotions time where we get to sing together, pray together, and one person each night gets to share with the team what God has been teaching them throughout this summer so far. The team’s favorites songs are “Oceans” and “No Longer Slaves”.

Please continue to pray for safety and health for this team! And thank you so much for you past prayers and support, God is working in Ethiopia and in this team!

“Hi from Bako! Ethiopia has been pretty good so far, especially the coffee, popcorn (fundisha!), psycho monkeys, and of course the orphans. I love it here and it’s really pretty (even though some of the smells are not). Miss and love you all! Oh, and Max, Miss Danae likes me better than you.” – Olivia S.

“Hey, everyone! Ethiopia has been great so far! We have been to a few traditional coffee ceremonies and I love making balloon animals for the orphans. The work project is going well, and God is using this summer to help us rely on His strength only. I am loving Ethiopia! And don’t worry mom, I’ve been wearing my retainers! :)” – Kayla W.

“Hi, Mom and Dad, Halley here. It is going great and I am learning to trust God more. We finished the digging part of our building and have half the foundation done! Thank you for sending me! I love you as long as a circle. God bless!” – Halley C.

“Hey, all of you. Ethiopia is amazing so far! I’m learning quite a bit about their culture. The building project is coming slow, but thinking on the positive side of things I will be able to build my own home when I grow up.

“Talk to you later.” – Caleb G. 


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