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Greeting from Mongolia! The Mongolia team has begun its final week running the Mongolian Boot Camp.  The team has enjoyed watching the Mongolian team members grown throughout their time here.  For example, the first few days they seemed to disqualify (DQ) on nearly every obstacle on the Obstacle Course (OC).  Yesterday they had no DQ’s.  The team is beginning to share friendly smiles and simple English conversations with many team members, as some have studied English in school and are eager to “practice” with the team members.  The team continues to teach classes and participate in evening rallies.  One of the projects the team has been working on while they do not have Boot Camp responsibilities is to rebuild and repair many of the benches that the team members use throughout the day.   Many of them were falling apart from years of use and there were not enough benches when we arrived.  The team was excited to work on repairing/replacing those benches.  The weather has been warm and the team has been enjoying a nice cool afternoon dip in the nearby river.  The water is cold but refreshing.  Today is Sunday, we had a special service under the Big Top.  The Mongolian team members and our team all got dressed up and we worshiped to Mongolian praise music and our head leader, Ryan, preached.  

This afternoon the winds picked up and the team had a much-needed reprieve from our warm temps.  We have four more days of Boot Camp classes before Commissioning on Thursday evening.  On Friday, we plan on tearing down Boot Camp, packing each team up to head out on their project and then we will transition to an orphanage outside of UB where we will be working.  The team is looking forward to transitioning closer into the city so that they can get a bottle of coke or candy bar 🙂  Thank you for all of your prayers.  Everyone is still in great spirits and if anyone ever mentions when we have to return to the States they get quickly quieted because everyone is enjoying their time here.

We wanted to give all of the team members an opportunity to share a few their thoughts about their time here in a few sentences:

Mongolia is absolutely amazing.  The tall green mountains, blue skies, all of it amazes me every day.  I love seeing how God is working through the team to reach the Mongolians.  It’s very eye opening. – Bella

Mongolia is so cool.  I love sleeping with my travel bag.  My team is just like my family.  I miss my mom’s food. – Jeremiah 

Mongolia truly is the land of blue skies…except when it rains like 5 minutes.  So far boot camp has been awesome!  Soon we will be deep in the thick of things and hit our stride.  I can’t wait to see what God has planned. – Jonah

Mongolia has been great!  God’s presence is clearly shown here at Boot Camp.  I love watching the kids be so passionate for God, especially during worship.  Our team is also getting much closer. – Jae

Mongolia is amazing and God has done absolutely amazing things on and for our team.  God has talked to our team and made us grown together and really understand the meaning of a team. – Ellie

Mongolia is beautiful!  It is everything I dreamed of and so much more! The people are so incredibly kind and fun.  I am so thankful here. – Shad

It is incredible here and the stars are so bright it ’s awesome. We had these like mutton in a packet with onions it was really good. – Tim

It is amazing here.  The weather is like real camping weather. The Mongolians are awesome. I am the narrow way judge for the O.C.  I got to make the piggy sign.  I really love it here.  we are located in the mountains it is beautiful here.  I really love my team.  I have seen God work in amazing ways.  I miss you all a lot and I can’t wait to see you.  I love you much, bye. – Preston

Mongolia is amazing.  I love the people and the culture.  The Mongolians have been celebrating Naadam (their summer festival) and lots of people have come to the countryside.  The Boot Camp has also been really wonderful. – Zuzu

This place is amazing! I’m so happy to be able to be a part of Boot Camp here.  My favorite thing so far is worshiping with the Mongolians.  Most of the songs are American, but in Mongolian, so they’re familiar.  The Mongolians are so passionate. – Sam

Mongolia is the most amazing and I’m so happy to be here.  I got to teach balloon class today!  These kids are going to be amazing missionaries for God! – Arianne

Mongolia has been a lot of fun.  It is a beautiful place with wonderful people, and working with them has been an amazing experience. – Misti

I don’t have the words to express this place.  God’s creations are so beautiful.  I’m also already becoming attached to the kids here. – David

Mongolia has been great!  It’s been awesome to be a part of this Boot Camp and the kids are really enjoying themselves. – Kyle

Mongolia has been an absolute blessing because I have grown in my faith with Christ so much.  My team is amazing and has been a really awesome encouragement as I walk in my faith with Christ.  I love everything about Mongolia, and the people are really nice. – Scott

I’m loving Mongolia.  It is sooo beautiful here I’m loving the fried food.  And I’ve never been so close to God.  He talks to me every day here. – Napoleon 

Mongolia is awesome! The weather, the food, the people; it’s all great.  I spent 2 hours yesterday making Khuushuur and they tasted so good!  Boot Camp is going great.  I love teaching puppets. – Madi

Sain Bain yy? Mongolia has been so good so far.  I enjoyed the few drives and seeing the houses.  The culture is different from ours, but I’m adjusting.  I like it here, it’s kinda cold, but it’s ok. Lot’s of bugs. – Makailia



  1. Glad you are having a great time with each other and the Mongolian people. It is amazing to see the size of God’s kingdom. Prayers for your mission!
    Greg and Susan (peeps from Sam’s church)

  2. So glad you are having a great time and drawing closer to God. What an amazing adventure for all of you. God works in amazing ways. Donna (Misti’s aunt)

  3. This is wonderful, great to hear everyone’s stories. Keep up the good work! ❤️

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