The Trinidad Team Has Been Busy!

The Trinidad team has no problem keeping busy with all that we are involved in.  The week has brought some surprises and challenges for each of us.  Our work project is going well with the kids mixing LOTS of concrete.  The wall they are building is having the blocks laid as well as the concrete   poured  to make it more solid.  We are seeing huge improvements in their being able to work harder when it is required.  So many of the men here from the church are here to help the kids and the team loved having them around to talk to and guide and them. One big challenge  we have face in the area of work is that every time we mix and begin to pour concrete it usually POURS rain!!  It is hard to make any progress…yet we see all that they have already done and we get so excited to see it all come together.

One surprise this week was our trip to the beach!  We packed  a lunch and headed out for the scenic drive to the coast.  It was a very windy road, through the  mountains.  It was a beautiful beach and we all had fun playing in the water.  
We have had some more national meals which we all enjoy.  the flavor hear are unique and intense at times, but we enjoy it so much.
Our schedule is going well.  We are having to be flexible. Our day begins for the team at 5:30 a.m. and goes until 8:30p.m..  We usually have lights out at around 9:00.  Bible study starts for them at around 6am.   We then have breakfast, personal devotions, and then they are ready to work.  Their days consist of times of work, classes, washing their clothes, cleaning the bathrooms, library reading time and bathing.  We are working hard on our memory verses so we can be ready for our times of Bible Quizzing.
Our Bible studies have been filled with different topics.  One of the favorites is the Fruit of the Spirit.  We are looking at a different fruit each time and really seeing that they all are really dependent on our attitudes.  That is something that God is helping us see is that our attitude matters.  You can have the right actions on the outside, but God cares about the attitude on the inside.
Please keep praying for us.  We need wisdom as leaders to lead this group.  God is at work and we are seeing that He is in everything here.  He is helping each of us seek him and remember that every moment we need Him to do this.
We are closing this report with the rest of the teams first impressions of Trinidad.  This place and these people are a part of our hearts forever as well as each team member.
Anna C-  My first impression of Trinidad was I thought that it was so hot but a nice temperature.  It was pretty. 
Ethan C- The people in Trinidad are really generous.  I like how they interact with us.
Rebekah D- I was kind of scared at first but then coming to the church was really cool.  When the people made us dinner and were waiting for us to come to the church, I really liked it here.  The people are very sweet and kind.  Working can be fun at times.
Kenai A- Trinidad has been very hot and humid.  The food here has been very good.  The work hours have been long and hard.
Caleb H- I was very tired at first.  I did not expect the man to inspect my duffle bag.  It was fun to have no seat belt in the car ( mini bus). j The house and church are huge.  The dinner was very nice and falling asleep was great.
Leah L- My first impression was,”YES!  We are here!”  So you can say I am happy.  But it got really was hard when the hamburgers they made were so big!
Gabby H_  The food was great and the people were so friendly.  I loved pulling into a crowd of people ready to welcome me and feed me too!  I love the hugs and everyone ready to answer questions.
Sidney I- When we got to the church the people were so nice so I wasn’t upset anymore.  The mosquitos are as bad as Florida.  The heat is ok.  My first impression of Trinidad was that it was a nice place.


  1. Jonathan Chih Yung Yeh

    Yes, we shall pray for our little ones and their little ones; Go Trinidad team and may all these kids see the world and go to many more mission trips, may God bless the leaders and the little ones and He Himself be satisfied. God protect them and keep the team strong…

  2. Just wondering when we might see some pictures?

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