TWO Reports From The Navajo Community Development Team!#1

#1-We are taking our first trip away from our project site today!  Jeremiah is from Flagstaff, and his mom has invited us to spend the day.  She is providing lunch and dinner so that in between meals we can go explore the San Francisco Lava Tubes.  We will walk and crawl through tunnels carved in the earth by lava…a three-mile hike.  Thank goodness the volcano is no longer active!!  I would hate to be in there and find out differently…😂

It will be cool inside and rough and rugged.  We will emerge at the end covered in dust and dirt I imagine.  Our adventurous spirits are eager for the journey.  The team is also VERY excited to make a pit stop at good ol’ Walmart.  We need supplies and a few comfort items too.  By the time we get home tonight, we will be ready for bed.  
#2 Not all museums are in a building in a city.  The Lava River Cave (also known as the San Francisco Lava Tubes) is a natural museum discovered by lumbermen in 1915.  It is just over 3/4 of a mile long…not the three miles we had previously been told.  Our hike today was 1.5 miles total.  The temperature in the cave was 32 degrees Fahrenheit…it was chilly!!  The cave was formed when motion lava flowed through the area, creating a “tube-like” cave as it hardened.  Bats, porcupines, and squirrels are known to use it for shelter but we did not see any of those animals today.  We had such a great time!  And our adventure was bookended by two amazing meals.  Thank you Melanie and Rose for making us feel so loved.  The food was incredible and the fellowship even better.  We are driving back home now enjoying the last remaining bit of the gorgeous Arizona sunset.  La vie est belle.:)


  1. Loved seeing the pictures and reading the updates. Thanks!! You’re in our many prayers!

  2. Thanks for the great updates! What an amazing time you are having…keep posting pics and enjoy! God Bless

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