The Cambodia Team Has Been Busy!

The team continues to do ministry each day in a new location.  On Sunday, we rode bikes over 130 kilometers to two different locations.  The children were very enthusiastic and responsive to the message. Several children prayed to receive salvation.  It was such an encouraging experience.

We enjoyed a picnic lunch at home of one of the staff here.  They prepared a snack for us as well. Our ministry in the Muslim village was canceled on Saturday and will hopefully be rescheduled for this Saturday.  We traveled to an alternate location instead.  On Friday, we presented at a school near the base. There were over 400 children there and at least 20 prayed out loud to receive salvation.  The team does an excellent job of presenting the Gospel through the colors bag and through dramatically presenting Bible stories.  

On Thursday, we have a sight-seeing trip planned to Phnom Penh to tour the Killing Fields and the King’s Palace.  We will also visit a modern mall for lunch and shopping.

Our time here at the Kampong Chnnang base is becoming very short.  Next week, we will return to Siem Reap on Wednesday to tour Angkor Wat and purchase souvenirs at the Night Market.  

Last Friday, the students from Siem Reap arrived to help with rice planting and to prepare for Boot Camp.  There is a total of 16 Bible school students and three staff here now.  On Saturday night, we had a fun night together and they made a pumpkin dessert for everyone.  We worshiped together, shared testimonies, sang fun songs and played a very strenuous game of cat and mouse together.  We all had such a good time together.  

The weather has been such nice. It rains nearly every day and the temperatures have been much cooler than normal.  When the sun comes out, it’s very hot.  

I want to share some of the reports from our team members:

From Abe:. Hello, outside world. Cambodia is really nice. It rains a lot here but it’s okay since it’s usually hot here.  The motorcycles are really fun too.  The bikes are kind of small so they hurt when we have long rides.  I miss my family back home. The people here are really nice and sometimes we have random Asians wanting to take pictures with us. I enjoy playing with the little kids, too.  

From Carleigh:. Cambodia has been such an amazing experience so far. I’ve seen and done so many things that I would never have anticipated. It’s such a beautiful place and even though some things have been difficult (like sunburns haha), I’m having an incredible time. The people here are all so lovely. Playing with the kids makes even a hard day worth it all.  


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