Madagascar Is Checking In!

Greetings to you all! As always the Madagascar team is doing incredibly well out here! They continue to go out on the circuit to many remote villages and proclaim the name of Jesus! Since the last report, the team has gone to two new villages. The one they went to Saturday and today is called Ampozony. The people in this village are in extreme darkness as they participate in voodoo worship to a red cloth tied around a tree. No church has ever been able to survive in this village. Right now there is one church, but the woman who is running it is continually being sabotaged for her beliefs. She has even been threatened to be lit on fire for her work in the village. Sunday we were able to go to this small village church to support the woman and the other believers there, and it was an encouragement. The church was one room, thatched roofed building, with mats on the floor as seats. Though it didn’t look like most churches do, the presence of the Lord was there with us as we glorified His name. Sunday after church we were treated to a wonderful Malagasy meal which consisted of rice, fish, beans, and salad. It was an awesome treat for us all!

Later that afternoon we got to go to the beach here in Mahajanga, and let me tell you it was gorgeous! The team got to swim in the water, play soccer on the beach, and buy some local fruit to eat as they relaxed in the sun. It was a much-needed rest day for us all! Today the team worked in the morning on more painting projects and then this afternoon they went back to the Ampozony village. At the village, the team played many games with the kids, taught phonics, did the Gospel bag presentation, and then passed out the Wordless Bracelets to them all. The team also made balloon animals for the children and they absolutely loved it! We were so thankful for the warm response we received today from the people and children.

The weather is the same as it has been, very warm but breezy!



“Today was our third day at one of the villages. We got to play freeze tag with all the kids. It was so awesome to see the kids’ faces light up with joy as we ran around like crazy trying not to get tagged. The kids also loved all of our animal balloons and hats. Most importantly we got to share the gospel with these kids who might otherwise get into worshiping evil spirits like a majority of their village.” –Zach R.

“Madagascar is so surreal. The environment is so beautiful, which compliments the kids’ brilliant smiles. They ALL LOVE soccer! Love you, Mom and Dad!” –Nate M.

“The kids here are awesome! Their smiles make it all worth it. The bikes and the soccer help a little bit too. Don’t worry, I’m okay Mom!” –Adam G.

“I love driving to the villages and teaching the kids phonics. The bikes work fine with a little… a lot of technical difficulties, but God always keeps us safe! Madagascar is very beautiful and has great weather. Hey Mom!” Kalob J.


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