News From Nicaragua!

At the work site, we are in the process of back-filling on the inside of two completed three-tiered walls. We still have two walls to complete to the three-tier level. At present they are pouring the rebar holes in the wall with concrete. The team has also been doing driveway maintenance. 

The weather has been warm and breezy and it rains often. 

An outstanding experience was the opportunity to go to an English-speaking church yesterday. After church, we went to Pizza Hut for lunch. The members enjoyed that a lot. 

The goals and plans for the coming week are to continue the work on the project by building up the walls. We are also hoping to start VBS with younger children either late this week or next week. We are in the process of planning a sight-seeing day as well. 


“The tuk tuk ride was fun. The work’s not bad but I don’t like the hard hats.” – Melody 

“Even though it’s really easy to be negative, we try to focus on the positive in Nicaragua. We are going to start VBS and we are going to make a change. I love you all xox ttyl.” – Rachel

“Our team took a trip downhill but now we are working uphill by trusting in God because He’s our provider. I feel like this missions trip is a wake-up call.” – Daniella 

“Work has been great. Having an awesome time and wish I could get more sleep.” – Jaryn



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  1. Jean and Jim Hurston

    The Hurstons in VA are praying for you all. Our amazing God is doing great things in each of you as you are giving your summer to working for Him. As you draw closer to Him in all things may your hearts blessed in many ways.

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