Zimbabwe Is Checking In!

Back for another report! Our team is doing very well and enjoying our ministry here.  We have been doing lots of eyeglass clinics and puppet shows for local churches and schools.  Although we have all enjoyed the children and people of Zimbabwe, Logan and Coco have taken it the extra mile to either learn the language or connect with the children on a personal level. 

We have two new KP (kitchen patrol) helpers each day, which a handful of our members love to partake in! Diana and Gage have been our team members who always ask to help with dishes and any other tasks we have that need to be done.  Yesterday, while Miss Justine and I took a few team members to the market, Terra and Amanda helped Mr. Matt make lunch for the team! We enjoyed some yummy chili and some very funny stories of Mr. Matt in the kitchen (such as him insisting that the girls brown the canned hamburger, though it was already cooked).

We have made some pretty funny jokes and adapted to our team catchphrase of “got ’em”, which never goes over five minutes without being said.  Our main offenders have been Jacob, Alex, Elizabeth, and Miss Justine.  None of us are sure what we are going to do when we get home and don’t have the entire team egging us on to say the signature catchphrase. 

Yesterday was Carissa’s birthday, and she has enjoyed it a lot. She has definitely come full circle because she was born in the hospital not far away, and now she is turning 18 here! She was able to connect with a couple people who knew her family from when they lived here.  She even met her former next door neighbor!!

We have some very interesting wake-up calls in the morning, which are usually done by Lori and Danielle.  Some times we have the lovely saying of “ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT”. Rise and shine, this is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.” *in a southern accent* (of course).  Other times we have some super interesting puppet songs played from our very best friend, the saber.  (A hand-crank “music machine”).  Some of us are more fond of it than others. Though, it may be just because it is played at an early morning hour. 

Some of our team members have taken up the responsibility of doing a core workout each day.  The majority of us think they are crazy, but Olivia, Christina, Chastity, Miranda, and Mary Grace were just counting out their crunches.  It really levels out the amount of chips and cookies we have been taking in from the local markets and stores. 

Zimbabwe has some pretty massive and gorgeous rocks that God placed perfectly on one another.  We have all fallen in love with the scenery, but Grace, Abby, Sierra, Tiffani, Tori, Claire, and Danny have climbed almost every rock they are allowed to!

Two nights ago, our team had night devotions on the giant rock that the staff here uses for their OC.  We roasted marshmallows over the fire while Miss Justine shared her testimony.  Emilie and Mariela really enjoyed them!

                Till the next report! Much love from the Zimbabwe team <3

Hello from Gwanda! Life has been pretty fun here, with lots of eyeglass clinics and miracles performed right before our eyes.  We have seen countless blind people see, and vision improved greatly through prayer.  Our team has bonded really well and been able to make our outreach that much more successful.  The food has been super yummy, and we all feel that it improves with each meal.  We have also all been enjoyed being “unplugged” for the summer and really focus on our relationships with the Lord.  I personally have been able to deepen my relationship with Christ and learn countless things about Him and His plan for me.  I am excited to continue our ministry here, and even take it back home to all of my friends and family.  Thank you for all of your continued prayers and support for our team!! (P.S. I have gotten some super fun letters from you momma and fam, thanks again for all the love.  Miss you tons!!) –Amanda #23 

Hey, mommy! I am doing great here.  I am going through some struggles, but it’s ok.  I have learned so many things here, it’s awesome! I love you, and I sent two letters. See you in three weeks! –Christina #13

Hey, Dillon Clan! I climbed some really cool rocks today! I had to do the whole back-on-the-wall and feet-on-the-wall in front and shimmy up. Despite your thoughts, I do have friends and I do talk to them. Getting GK’s and Kenna’s letter was really nice and I can’t wait to see y’all! –Gage  #4 

Hello from Zimbabwe, my family and friends! Our team has definitely been busy sharing Jesus with the people of Zimbabwe, and we are excited to continue to see God work in the hearts and lives of many. I’m always astounded at the love, beauty, and greatness of our God, and He never fails to remind me through the wonders of His creation, overwhelming peace of His presence, and phenomenal miracles. I’m so blessed to say I’ve had my breath taken away by the sights I see, my heart consumed by His love, and my eyes utterly amazed to literally see the blind healed. Our God is so good, and I’m excited to fall more and more in love with Him each day.

Life here at the base continues to excite as I finally did my laundry, spend time in the kitchen (yes, I cook once in a while), and have amazing conversations about Jesus. Every day, I discover something new and life-changing, and I’m thrilled that I have the chance to deepen my understanding and love for my faith.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support, and I’ve loved getting mail! I’m excited to continue to learn and grow in Jesus, and soon be able to share about it!



  1. Really enjoy all your stories. Your bus experience reminded me of a similar one I had on a mission trip in Nigeria when we were stranded on a lonely road for several hours. God is so faithful and I am encouraged to hear how you are growing in your faith and seeing His hand at work. You are in my daily prayers.

  2. We really enjoy reading all your stories…you guys are truly making God smile!!! You are all in our daily thoughts and prayers!!! Thank you leaders for all that you do.

    Don and Memy

  3. Glad to get another report! Would be nice to see a group picture again. Then we all get to see our teen!!
    Maybe with the next report! God Bless! Thxs 4 serving!

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