The Zimbabwe Team Has Been A Hit!

Hey from the Zimbabwe team once again! This week similar to those previous has been a bit busy and crazy (but God-filled). We have had eye-glass clinics every day per usual, and the churches we go out to usually have a primary school full of kids right next door that the team also gets a chance to minister to. They are really getting the hang of the puppets and songs, the little kids love to sing along! They also absolutely love playing games and a recent favorite has become dozens of little ones chasing one of the team members until they have her surrounded on all sides and are all touching her hair at once. This game has mostly involved the girls from the team- but never fear because the guys also get plenty of time to play with the kids in other ways.

An elderly lady that came on Monday to the eyeglass clinic was so happy that she could see clearly that she found out where the team would be the next day and came and gave a gift to one of the girls that helped her find the right pair of glasses! Another lady we helped fit glasses for was so thrilled that she was going around telling all the kids these white people have hearts of gold and are truly sent by God! We have so many stories like that and my prayer for the people here is that they also know what a blessing they are to our team as well.

An interesting thing that has happened this week is trouble with the truck and van we are using to go to all the different schools and churches in. We are now on a first name basis with the local car mechanic (totally not joking name is Jelly Doovey, his wife is very sweet) Goce keeps telling us that we are meant to do big things here in Zimbabwe if the devil is fighting us so much with car troubles and the like. One particular day, for example, we were only able to take half the team because we could not get the van fixed in time to take the whole team, but God is so good and faithful-both the truck and van are both working again so the whole team can go out.

The team is getting very excited because tomorrow we leave to go to our site-seeing at Victoria Falls! So many of them have been talking about it for weeks now and are so happy it is finally here. As much as everyone is looking forward to going, it’s also bittersweet because we know that going means our time here in Zimbabwe is starting to come to a close. We have had a lot of team members say they feel at home here and a few have received their calling while here into the mission field or BMW in Florida. Zimbabwe has become a very special place for a many of us, and it will be hard to say “see ya later”.

Team members notes

Hey, Weaver fam!! I can’t tell you how insane it is to be back here. I love our ministry; when you give someone a pair of eyeglasses that work, their smiles are priceless. Also, loving on the kids here has been so incredible. They can’t believe that my hair and my skin are real! Getting to sing along with them in Ndebele feels a little bit like what heaven is going to be like. The mountains and rocks around here are massive… climbing them makes Pole Steeple look minuscule. Everything is so pretty and getting to see the Milky Way every night before bed feels like a dream. I love it here: the people, the culture, the scenery, all of it. Getting to know and interact with the BMW students has been an awesome experience and hanging out with them every night is so much fun. It feels like home. I miss you all so much and I wish you could be experiencing this with me❤️ – Carissa


  1. Thank you for these wonderful reports about the Zimbabwe team. Our granddaughter, Abby, is greatly missed back home but we know she is doing helping do God’s work thanks to your leadership. Our prayers continue until your safe return home. Love & hugs to each of you.

  2. We love hearing about your beautiful experiences is Zimbabwe. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. God is Great!!! You are all in our daily thoughts and prayers.
    Don and Memy

  3. Thank you so much for your updates! We are so appreciative that you are taking time to tell us all these stories, and are excited for all God is doing in and through you. You are always in our prayers.

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