The Indiana Team Continues To Minister!

We hope and trust that you all are doing great and enjoying an abundance of blessings from our great King. We are continuing to have great fruit from our witnessing at the fairs. This week we are in three fairs: Edwards, Clay, and Saline county. We are having great conversations with people and many are coming to know Jesus as their Savior. The Lord has blessed us with 129 salvations and we have individually witnessed and done teenage/spiritual surveys with 1,355 people.

The weather here has been pretty good here, though last week it was extra hot (which made more people come to our booth to get free ice water!)

God is continuing to work in the lives and hearts of our team and they are learning a lot and growing in their faith in Jesus and as they see God using them mightily at each fair.

Sabrina has been doing an extra good job in being extra diligent in doing the surveys. Several times in the last few days, I asked her to come into the booth and take a short break and have another team member come out to do them but she didn’t want to take a break and really wanted to continue doing the surveys even though she was tired and had been doing them for a while! Yesterday she did sevem surveys in 30 minutes, which is hard to do because a lot of people don’t want to do the, ! Go Sabrina!

Chase recently lead a few people to the Lord which was a great encouragement to him and our team. He has continued to do a great job in doing surveys and passing our God’s ABC’s tracts.

Eli, Joshua, Grace, Kier, Micah, and Kate are doing amazing job on surveying and praying for people. They always go extra mile to reach people to Christ.

The team bound together as a family and we praise God for bringing us together and using us as His tools to reach unreach people.

I was surveying a teenage girl yesterday and when I asked her the last three spiritual questions she said that she didn’t know if her best friend would go to heaven.  She also said that she said that she would go to heaven because she was a good person and because she accepted Christ as her Savior when she was younger, but she walked away from Christ a few years ago.  She stopped going to church and only reads her Bible maybe once a week. I shared with her that being a good person is not how we get to heaven and that it’s only by trusting in Jesus as our Lord and Savior. I shared God’s ABC’s with her and some verses about faith and some from my favorite Bible passage (which is 1 Corinthians 13) because in the middle of our time of sharing together a few of her friends came by that she was not happy to see. I am happy to share that at the end of our time together that she prayed to recommit her life to Jesus!” -Stephani 


Before this trip, I never thought much about the type of impact that the people I meet at the fairs would have on me. Over the past three weeks, but especially in the last one, I have gotten to talk to so many amazing Christians from different walks of life. I’ve come in contact with convicts, fair owners, farmers, ministry leaders, and an assortment of others who all have stories about how Jesus has changed their lives. That has been a huge blessing for me and I know others on the team have had similar experiences. It is crazy cool how our God can orchestrate complete strangers from different parts of the country to meet at a county fair and encourage each other in faith. God is using this summer to change me and remind me of His unfailing goodness in a way I never anticipated, and I am so grateful for that! –Hannah F. 


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