The Last Report From The Ecuador Team!

Our last report from Ecuador! The concrete is complete, a job well done!  Today we will remove and clean forms, clean tools thoroughly and finish filling dirt around the sides of the concrete floor.

Tomorrow ( Friday ), we are taking the team to the island of Marro. They will get to see dolphins and enjoy a  ceviche and rice lunch.  We are so glad we heard about this place, it will be a nice reward that the Lord has provided for a hard-working group of young people. There may be opportunities to purchase a few souvenirs as well.

Saturday we will work one-half of the day finishing up any cleaning that may need to done or working on the fence line with the Ecuador, Playas team. We will also do a general pick up of the grounds to leave them clean and looking nice.

Thank you, to all of the parents that allowed us to have your children for the summer. It has been a blessing. 

Gina Barber, leader

From team members you have not heard from

Here in Ecuador, there is so much to do and so much to see.We went to the Equator and I got a bunch of things for my supporters and family. We also went to a market in Playas, it was fun and a new experience. We went to the beach and it was a lot of fun too. There is a mall in Playas and we got to go. I bought Carl’s Jr. and ice cream. The work here is really fun. We finished laying concrete. It looks nice. We got a lot done here but I am looking forward to getting home to tell you more. -Nathan

Ecuador is a beautiful country. Every morning I wake up at 6 am and see the sun rise and hear the birds singing. We are laying concrete here, and though I don’t see immediate progress other than a floor, I know that in the future many Ecuadorian teens will have the opportunity to learn about Jesus here. It hasn’t been easy, the work is hard and sometimes there’s some drama rolling around but I really see God working in many lives and teaching us. -Caleb

Ecuador is even more beautiful than I’d imagined, every sunrise and starry sky continues to amaze me. The people here at camp are so kind and despite the language barrier, we’ve all found friends on in the Playas national team members. Although it’s only been a few weeks, I can already see the work God has done here both in and through us. -Morgan

Ecuador is an amazing country full of beautiful sights and people. Being able to finish our concrete is a huge relief and we’re very very thankful for the opportunity to leave our mark on the world. Though the effect we will have is not immediate, it doesn’t mean it’s  any less great. The best part is we are all alive and finishing our last days strong. -Mickey

 The Ecuador mission trip has been a wild ride with sightseeing, new people, new food and hard work. I’m still on edge from being on a new centrum, but with the good influences so far, it has made it better. We have had some Ecuadorian kids from the Playas team working with us. We have been able to spend time with them as they do their mission trip with us. Together we can spread the Gospel in this country more efficiently. When I get a little homesick, I am so thankful that I have a home to be sick for. -Jacob


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