News From Ethiopia!

Hello from the Ethiopia team!

The team is doing great! The start of this week was a bit slow, work wise. Monday we went to the work site and we were able to finish bending rebar for the columns of the building and steel tying the stirrups to the rebar. Tuesday we, unfortunately, got rained out till a little after lunch. So we decided to go to the orphanage and hang out with the kiddos. We were able to play more games and sing more songs and just fellowship with these kids that we have really gotten to know so well despite the language barrier. A couple of girls on our team bring their notebooks up when we go and have the kids write Amharic words and then they translate it to English for us. Some of our team members are really getting good at Amharic! Wednesday we were back on the work site and were able to pour the layer of foundation on the first section before we start block laying. This morning we took off the forms and put them up on the next section (of the three) and we were able to get it completely poured! Tomorrow we should be setting up forms on the last section and pouring it then we can start block laying! The kids are so excited for blocking laying because they had that class every day at Boot Camp and can’t wait to put their skills into practice! The team members are realizing we are in our last few days of work and they are very determined to get as much done as possible. Please be in prayer with us that the rain holds off during our time of work and that the supplies we need to continue and maintain a steady working pace will arrive on time.

We have talked with our missionaries and have decided that on Saturday we will be having our “national meal”. The team members (and leaders) are so excited and can hardly wait! We all have loved being able to immerse ourselves in the Ethiopian culture, but have not been able to have the opportunity to indulge in the cuisine. So Saturday can’t come soon enough! Stay tuned for Sunday’s report on how we enjoyed the meal!

And now I would love to end this report with the amazing and wonderful news that we were able to see someone come to Christ this week! On Wednesday we decided to take the Gospel coins that have the verse John 3:14-16 in Amharic to the worksite with us and hand out the coins to people as we walked and to the people at our worksite. The day proceeded as usual and as the workday came to a close we started our walk back to the compound. As we started our walk back a boy around the age of 14 ran up to one of our boys, Caleb G. who had handed the coin to him earlier that morning, and the boy gave Caleb a note. In the note, the boy described that he had read the coin and thought about it and decided to give his life to Christ! Praise the Lord!!!! We were all overjoyed by this news and we thank God for the work he is doing in Ethiopia!

We would like to thank all the friends and family of the Ethiopia Team that have been praying for us, our health and our safety. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

“Ethiopia has been such a blast! It is so sad that we are almost done here. We have been working hard on the orphanage we are building and it’s exciting to see progress! I can’t wait to continue seeing what the Lord does!” – Viola H.

“Ethiopia is a really cool place. The work is cool and the kids are awesome! We have been getting a lot of work done. I love it here. Shireen says hi by the way.” – Huri

“Mom and Dad! God has been teaching me how to love even when you don’t feel like it. Mr. & Mrs. Maher are an amazing blessing and Mrs. Maher is an amazing cook even with only a fire on some days. Please pray that God would help me to focus on serving Him rather than missing home. God bless you all even Reggie and Cosmo. Love you all as long as a circle.” – Halley C.

“Life in Ethiopia is really cool! The work is going very well and we are getting a lot done. I am going to cry when we leave. I have fallen in love with the kids and the people.” – Noah C.


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