News From Zambia

Hello everyone, 

We hope this report finds you all doing well.

The team has really enjoyed going to visit four Rescue Units this past week. They all loved playing with the children and handing out balloons and bracelets based on the Wordless Book. The team has also been playing soccer with the children at the different units.

They also played with a high school soccer team, they had several locals on their team and they all played very hard. One game was on a very dusty field, whenever they ran or kicked the ball, they caused a cloud of dust to fill the air.

The team constantly shows love to the orphans no matter what time it is, whether that’s free time or assigned, they are always pouring love out into the children’s lives.

Today the team walked around the Wangibisha Base praying for the ministry that is going to be happening and is happening. The land is currently a Rescue Unit, but they are already building dorms and classrooms for the future Bible school they will have here in the local language of Bemba. The team did a lot of work preparing part of the land for a soccer field, or as they call it here ‘a football pitch ‘

I’ve been told multiple times that team members want to live here—about six girls have expressed a desire to live here. Their passion is a beautiful thing.

We will be heading back to Ndola this Saturday where we will do some souvenir shopping and then Tuesday we will head to Livingston Falls before we head to the airport in Lusaka.

Reports from your children will come this Saturday.

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