News From Nicaragua!

The pavilion now has all of the metal ribbing welded together and painted. The structure is ready for the roof tiling, but we expect that there will not be enough time to pour the concrete floor before we leave. We have also been continuing to repair the broken sections of the fence—barb-wire and posts. We have been helping at a VBS program doing music, Bible stories, games, and balloons. We have been continuing to visit the park doing evangelism with puppets, music, and drama.

The weather has been warm and windy, raining daily.

We have had an additional four kids come to know Christ at the park. Praise the Lord!

The outstanding experience from this week was being able to see the impact of the Gospel and the salvations that resulted through using puppets and drama for evangelism at the park.

The future plans for the team are to get the roof on the pavilion and get as much of the project done as possible. We will be having a sightseeing day on Saturday and packing up—getting ready to head back to the States on Monday.  

We are also very blessed as thanks to the generosity of Mike Jefferies we will be able to sleep in the guest house the last night we will be at Amos, so we will be able to pack up our tents the day before we leave. Praise the Lord!

Please find below some words from the team members.

Melody – “Macheting is fun. I like the mamones.”

Rachel F. – “We’re almost done! I will miss the mamones the most and all the cute children’s faces. Pray for the flight back and that each of us will get home safely.”

Daniella F. – “I can’t wait to go home, but I am going to miss this place. I am especially going to miss the weather and the little kids that we see at the park. This summer has been awesome.”

Erika L. – “I am super stoked to go home but I am totally going to miss the people here and the environment. I am glad for this opportunity and I and so many others have learned so much from this. I am going to miss the mamones but can’t wait for the American cheese. Esclavista.”

Jaryn – “The work project is going great. We’ve made a lot of progress. Once I leave, I am really going to miss Nicaragua. Love you all, see you soon.”



  1. Mrs. Kostner, Do you know if the water pumps that are in the BC campsites still work?

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