And A Report From Kazakhstan!

Hello from Kazakhstan! 

We have been busy these last couple of days. The team has been working hard to finish up the projects before we have to leave. The painting projects are being completed in the downstairs of the church. In the main sanctuary, they are working to prepare the drywall for painting and finishing up the ceiling and floor. Concrete is being poured and they are preparing to re-plaster the outside of the church. This week has been hotter than usual, but they have had great attitudes through it all. We are excited to see many of the projects started, coming to completion, Praise the Lord! 

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to shop at the Central Bizarre. It was a long, packed bus ride, however roaming through all the little stands and shops was well worth it. The team was able to buy some more traditional items to remember Kazakhstan, such as small yurts, stuffed camels, and traditional two-stringed instruments. There was also a large variety of other stores to buy brightly colored dresses, hats, and more. The highlight for some was having the opportunity to try a local favorite, shishkabobs (pork, duck, chicken, lamb)! The team had a great time after sharing all that they had found to bring home. 

The team went to English camp on Tuesday and has one more on Friday afternoon. They were able to play some more complex word games with the older kids, while the younger ones worked on colors and fruits! Balloons have been a great help to their program, and the children are loving the games and songs the team brings. There has also been an interest in the Wordless Bracelets the team wears. Although we are not able to share openly about Jesus, we have used them for color demonstrations and will be bringing a bracelet for each child as a going away gift. We are praying that although the message of the bracelet is not being shared directly, they will be curious and look into the meaning behind it all! 

We were able to celebrate our time here as a team during our team banquet. We were grateful to find that our apartment was filled with spare Christmas decorations, and enjoyed our Christmas in July. With good food and the team all dressed up, we reflected on our time here in Kazakhstan and the memories we have made. This was also a special time of revealing our secret prayer partners! As our summer has flown by, this special time together was a blessing. 

We have a few work days left, and lots of packing to do before we head home. We will be spending one last Sunday with the body of Believers here, and we are looking forward to what the Lord will do in these next few days. 

We got mail today! Most of these letters took exactly one month to get here!

Thank you for your prayers! 


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  1. They are doing amazing things. Safe travels home

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