Hola From Panama!

Hola from the Panama team! (I feel like all of the greetings of my reports sound the same, so I threw in some Spanish so y’all don’t get bored).

The Panama team is winding down. Tomorrow is packing out. The kids have just today and tomorrow left on Yandub Island, before pushing off for Panama City and site seeing.

The team still has two presentations at schools, and one for the local church left to do. Tomorrow the Nationals are hosting us for dinner, and we´re having a sort of party. The team gets to eat lobster again—which might be more of a daunting task than packing out.

As the kids look back on the team, I know it can be hard for them to see our purpose here in the Islands. The earthly plan for our team was to be a work team. But God had different plans for them this summer. If our numbers are correct, our team has seen 34 or more salvations. I don’t think the team realizes quite how big that is, but hopefully, they will in time.

The Panama team has gotten to do presentations on four different islands. Our original plan was to stay on one island. God’s plans are so much bigger, and so much better than we could ever understand.

So please pray for the team as we are winding down, and getting ready to have a blast in Panama City. Please pray for the few kids who are still sick, that they’ll be able to still have fun in Panama City. Pray for safe travels as the team gets ready to come back to the US.



  1. Yay! God is Great! Good blog post!

  2. So excited!!! Cannot wait! So sorry some are sick. We are praying for a safe return and a healthy debrief!

    • We are so glad you were “instant in spirit” and changed plans when the Lord changed His.
      34 salvationd is a major accomplishment in the Kingdom.

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