News From The Navajo Community Development Team!

The third truck of concrete came today and, can you believe that the sun is out and shining and not a single drop of rain has fallen??  The finished sidewalk and front entrance to the church really makes an eye-popping statement.  Most of the ground is red dirt, so the cement sidewalks really stand out.  The local church members, elder men, and our team all worked together to get the job done.  It is really special to watch the multiple generations working together.  Two more trucks will come next week which will complete the project.  

Yesterday we took the team to Page for a tour of the Glen Canyon Dam and Power plant and Lake Powell.  Glen Canyon Dam is the second tallest concrete-arch dam in the USA, dwarfed only by the Hoover Dam.  The benefits provided by the dam are numerous and vital to life in the Western United States.  The dam stores approximately 26.2 million acre-feet of Colorado River water that is critical to the survival of cities, industries, and agriculture throughout the West and Mexico.  The hydroelectric power produced by the dam’s generators help meet the electrical needs of the West’s population.  Lake Powell, the reservoir behind the dam, is not only an important recreation area but also serves as a “savings account” of water that can be drawn upon during dry years.  Our time at the dam was absolutely fascinating.  I took a BUNCH of photos that I will upload to FB after the summer.  (I have photos from the entire summer that I will post actually.:))

Tomorrow we are headed to the Grand Canyon.  We are getting up early, early in order to get a fair hike in before the sun heats things up.  We will also enjoy some shopping at a popular Trading Post before returning home.  

We are having such a GREAT time on the Rez here in Navajo country.  I can hardly believe that in one week from tomorrow, we will begin the long journey home.  My heart hurts already at the thought of returning your kiddos to each of you.  I am so fond of each them and love them all so much!  Thank you for placing your trust in us.  We do not take that trust for granted.  #BestSummerEver


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  1. can’t wait to see the pics…we will be sure to friend you on FB so we can get them…can’t wait to hear first hand all the wonderful things that the Lord did through the team this summer. God Bless…there is a gift waiting back in FL at debrief for each of the team members!!

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