News From New Zealand!

Yes, the New Zealand team is building traps and catching eels and even skinning them and frying them up for dinner!  

Well, it’s our last few days of work here at the Whakamaru camp in the middle of the north island of New Zealand. Tomorrow we put the final touches on the dormitories and buildings we’ve painted, finish clearing the brush, clean the entire camp and get ready for a final day of sightseeing before leaving on Sunday.

This area is famous for its trout and eel fishing and as you can see Laura and Elias, Emily, Alan and others got a lesson on building eel traps and have caught two so far. Alan came into our house last night and said, “That Laura is hard core!” I asked why and he said because she is outside jumping up and down holding a three-foot long eel squeezing that they caught one!! It was only fitting therefore that she has the opportunity to skin it when asked. Yuk! Still, it’s an experience she will tell her grandchildren about one day I am sure.

The rain is supposed to finish today leaving a sunny few days for us to pack up and finish. We are all looking forward to getting home as we miss our families and friends very much. Thank you to all who have prayed for us!  



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