The Navajo Community Development Team Visits The Grand Canyon!

The picture below is an after shot of the team following our three-mile hike down into the canyon.  On the way down we kept to a pretty good clip.  Everyone was chatty and enjoying the view.  On the way back up things were relatively silent as each of us conserved the energy we needed to make the vertical return trip.  We will sleep soundly tonight!  The weather was spot on perfect for the hike.  It actually rained when we first arrived!  The rain eventually dissipated, leaving the canyon trails cool.  Sweaters were shed once we got going though.  After the hike, we watched the free movie at the Visitor’s Center and shopped a bit at the gift store.  We also trekked down to the town of Tusayan to watch an IMAX movie on the Grand Canyon too.  Christie’s husband, Mike, and two of her three children, Mike and Brianna, joined us at the Grand Canyon today.  They will be staying with us for the next few days and are VERY welcome guests.  On the way home from the canyon, Mike treated our whole team to supper at McDonald’s.  Thank you, Mike and Christie, for spoiling us!  Your generosity is inspiring.  And we are grateful.:)  Our tummies are full and spirits are high from the amazing day we had today.   #TheGrandCanyonIsProofOfGod


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