Greetings from Tse Bonito, New Mexico!

Our hilltop home here at WIM was very wet from heavy rains when we arrived. The bus couldn’t make it up the mountain road the night we arrived, but we were able to get it ‘unstuck’ with help from the team the next morning and on up the hill to our dorm building.  The team spent some time putting more gravel on the road to fix some of the rough spots. The team is also repairing a secondary road that leads to the back of the camp property. The main floor in the dining building also needed repairs so the team has been working on that as well. The Navajo team members and our leader, Daniel, had the adventure of a live radio interview on Wednesday on KHAC and shared testimonies about our experiences this summer. Debrief started for the Navajo members on Thursday. 

Other highlights this week… Miss Gay blessed us with a celebratory ‘Christmas in July’  meal… We also enjoyed a quick visit to Window Rock and the Navajo Nation Museum!

Tomorrow morning, we plan to attend our last JMI (Just Move It) 5k race in the morning. The team plans to volunteer in addition to sharing the Gospel at our booth with puppets, dramas, balloons and the Gospel story using the Wordless Bracelets. Tomorrow night is ‘Bridging the Gap’ for the Navajo members. We will be sad to see them go and they are now a part of our close-knit team.

Christian Y.:  When we first got back from our trip to the Grand Canyon, it had rained and we could not get the bus up the hill. Also, I got to talk on the radio about what I have been doing this summer and I did not know what to say, but Mr. Steve said I did great. I am also excited to be leaving for home this Sunday, but I will miss the team.


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