The Ethiopia Team Is Beginning Their Last Week In Ethiopia!

The Ethiopia team is heading into their last week in country and we are full of mixed feelings! We are excited to head to Debrief and hear other teams’ experiences and share our own before we head home, but we are also sad to leave the orphans we have gotten to know so well and have built relationships with.

Since our last report, the team has (thankfully) been able to start block laying on the building! Everyone was excited to use their skills learned at Boot Camp! We started block laying on Saturday and we got a lot accomplished in that one day. We have started three different walls and have gotten at least three layers on each wall. We had Alyssa A. and Caleb G. Working together to get all the corners laid while Sera D., Olivia S., Huri M., and Jonathan M. started laying the walls. We had Viola H., Halley C., Nate C., and Vivian C. on mortar duty and Shireen R., Isabelle D., Cassy H., and Melissa B. taking down the wooden forms used to hold the foundation we poured. We have three more days of work and the team members are determined to get as much done as humanly possible! Please be praying for us to be able to have zero complications these last three days.

In the last report, I told you all about how excited we were to be able to have the opportunity to experience an authentic Ethiopian meal! And boy was it fantastic! Everyone enjoyed it! There were a variety of things from homemade fries to this vegetable that is sort of a cross between a potato and celery, to lamb! And they also cooked cabbage four different ways and each way was so different from the others but just as good. We ate it their traditional way, with our hands (Don’t worry we washed our hands thoroughly before!). And we finished off the delicious meal with the ever so lovely Ethiopian coffee, now that is something that will be greatly missed! The orphanage workers have us over at least four times a week for coffee after work and I’m sure the team members will go through withdrawals.

As we head into this last week in Ethiopia before heading back to Florida for debrief I would like to ask you all to be in prayer with and for us that we will accomplish as much as possible on the worksite, that we will maintain good health (right now no kids are sick at all! PRAISE THE LORD), that no complications will arise as we pack up and leave, and for safety and a blessed time our last two days in the capital. We can’t wait to share our stories of what God has done this summer with you all!

“Hey, everyone! We all enjoyed the letters we got yesterday, the pictures especially made my day! After starting block laying yesterday we got to experience a fantastic national meal. This morning we went to our last Ethiopian church service and got to worship with the youth group. Don’t get too used to the quiet because we’re coming home soon! Love you all!” – Olivia S.

“We had an authentic Ethiopian dinner yesterday. The foods were new and amazing! As always it rains a lot and we are working hard our final days here!” – Sera D.

“Hey, family! I got your letters yesterday and was so excited to hear Evan’s surgery went well. We just got back from our last church service and this week we are finishing up our work and heading back to Addis on Friday. We’ve gotten to know the kids here pretty well and it will be hard to say goodbye 🙁 I can’t wait to share our adventures! Love and miss you guys!” – Alyssa A.

“Hi, fam! Miss you all very much. I wish you could be here with me! Ethiopia is so beautiful; its beauty is something that has to be experienced and could never be captured in a photo. I can’t wait to come home and share with you all the great things God has done this summer. Lots and lots of hugs and give Brody a kiss for me!” – Amber M.

“Hey, mom! We just came back from our last Ethiopian church service. I received mail from a couple of friends yesterday. We had a traditional Ethiopian meal yesterday and it tasted AMAZING! On Thursday we are going to meet a team from America that’s going to be staying here for a while after we leave. The weather here is almost as bipolar as Texas; rain one minute and heat the next. Love and miss you!” – Shireen R.


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