The Honduras Team Continues To Minister In Many Ways!

The painting project is finished! Now that every last spot has been painted on the main building and brushes have been put away, the team is doing some other jobs. Since there is no garbage service out here, we have dug big two holes, one for burnable garbage and another for non-burnable. We separated a big garbage heap that had branches and old fence pieces all mixed in with little things. We also found out that the property was in dire need of a new septic tank, so we have begun that job. The leaders and MSSM circuit riders dug most of the hole, and the team has been participating in mixing mortar and laying the brick walls.

We have also continued traveling out to the villages each day, half of the team goes one day and the other half the next day. They present puppets, dramas, and songs to the kids and then they play games with the kids afterward. In the picture of Zander, he is taking care of Joel, the leader’s son. All of the team members took turns doing all of the jobs.

It has been pretty hot, probably in the 90’s, and humid, and it rains most every day, usually in the afternoon and evening. 



One of our team members wrote a poem of what she has been learning on this trip:


Sailing on a ship

To some distant, far off shore

The past is far behind you

You don’t live there anymore 

The skies aren’t always clear and sunny

But you’re grateful when they are

And even through the storms remember

He’s brought you safe thus far

Be ready, son, and be prepared for

When storms of fear and doubt assail

When towering waves crash over your decks

When the rain on your face feels more like hail

Your mast might bend but it won’t break

You can stand the violence

Eventually, the rising waters will fade

Back into the silence

Do not worry about tomorrow

Instead, enjoy today

Savor every happy moment that

happens to drift your way

The cool ocean wind blowing

The sun shining on the sea

Birds soaring over the waters

Every moment your heart is free

Be sure not to focus on the 

Wake you leave behind

It’s important, yes

But should not always be on your mind

Fix your hopeful eyes

On the distant horizon line

And one day you’ll go

Just maybe you’ll go

To all those places you have

Dreamed up in your mind


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  1. Melanie Fienemann

    Amazing Poem. Thanks for sharing

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