A Last Report From The Peru Team!

Well, things are coming to a close here in Peru. This week was spent getting as many walls done on the building as possible, and we did it! The walls are done, there are still a few pillars that will need to be filled after we leave. Some of the members of the church are going to work on that. 

Yesterday was full of hard goodbyes. First, we made our last visit to the orphanage. We performed the drama “Colors”. The children loved the drama and were very excited to see it. We then spent the rest of our time playing with them and showing them how much they are loved by God. The children have become so used to us coming on Saturdays, it was really hard to tell them that we would not be coming back. There were many teary goodbyes and lots of hugs.

Last night was our second dose of hard goodbyes. Our church family at El Shaddai threw us a going away party. They decorated the church and had a special program for us. Many of our friends that we had met on the street and witnessed to came to say goodbye to us. During the program, our kids performed two skits –  “Because We Want To Be Loved” which is very funny, the Peruvians loved laughing with us, Aiden was their favorite. We also did the drama “Battlegrounds” which shows the separation of the devil from God and how the devil tries to lure us in with pretty and enticing temptations, but that God is always there to protect us.   At the end, individual members of the church gave each of us a gift. You could tell that they spent a lot of time picking out our gifts. We are so appreciative of their hospitality throughout our whole trip. From the first day they took us in and treated us like one of their own. It was very hard to say goodbye to these people that we all now consider family. Our time in Peru has been more than wonderful, and we are sad to see it come to an end. 

Please pray for us. Pray for our travel and that everything goes smoothly with our flight.  Pray that God would continue to work in the hearts of the Peruvians we came in contact with and in the hearts of our team. Pray for our time at Debrief that we would be able to spend the last few days with our team bonding closer together. And last, but certainly not least, pray for those we are leaving behind and us. We have made very good friends with our missionaries and their family and friends. It will be like leaving family when we get on our plane and I know that there will be a lot of very sad kids as we head to Lima. 

Charles: I love Peru, it is an amazing place, I will miss this place a lot. The people here are very kind and heartfelt. The people at the church are all very nice people. The orphanage is an amazing place, the people there are so kind and they are so thankful even though they have very little. The street kids are so kind and happy, they are very fun to hang out with and I found that most of them have phones, they had google translate on the phones and we talked with them through it. I will miss the people in Peru so much, I love every single one of them and I will miss them so much, it makes me sad that I have to leave and I will definitely come back here again.

Daniel: The time in Peru was amazing! I love all the people here and I’m going to cry when we leave tonight. I loved playing with all the kids, in and out of the orphanage. All the sight seeing here was awesome! The church was awesome and every person at the church was so godly like. The people here were so happy here and now I know how blessed we are that we live in the USA. I will miss this team dearly and I will miss the people here in Peru much, much, much more. It’s going to be hard to leave this awesome place!

Dot: My time in Peru was awesome! I made lots of friends here and would want to stay here forever, the work was hard but I made sure to do everything through God’s eyes. I will definitely miss it here, the goodbyes will be hard today. The people here make me so happy, I love to see the smiles on the little kids’ faces. Playing volleyball and soccer was so fun with the kids in the street I really learned a lot of moves from them. It will be hard to leave here I will miss it a lot.

Aiden: Peru has been a wonderful experience, the food and culture here are amazing and our hosts are super nice, I am really going to miss this place. I’m glad to have been able to help out with the work project, God has really been with us this whole time, guiding us as we have been spreading His Word to people who might not otherwise hear it. I would like you to pray for the city of Pucallpa and our safety as we return home!

Elli: Peru is so beautiful. I have been so blessed to meet all the amazing and beautiful people here that have made their homes in my heart forever. Even though some of the kids ripped my hair out while braiding it, all of the kids are amazing and kind even in the worst situations. The excitement over a photograph of themselves to a game of volleyball is so humbling to us who are so very blessed and yet not nearly as happy as these children. The church has been amazing, Dimas, Judy, Josea, and Joanna have become my second family in Peru. It is my hope to come back here and just be surrounded by the constant joy of the people and the amazing beauty of the Amazon. Saying goodbye to here will be hard, but I am excited to share how amazing it is here! Pucallpa will be in my prayers and heart for a long time to come.


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