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The Mongolia team is entering their final week in Mongolia and we have all decided that we have bonded together so well that we don’t want to leave each other…but we may be craving some of the comforts of the U.S. 🙂

This week the team has been working very hard on the Teen Challenge building. The team continues to stucco the interior walls of the building and began applying plaster to the finished walls. Every evening the team returns to the orphanage utterly exhausted but excited about what they accomplished.  Usually, the first conversation that I hear, as the head female leader, is that of the K.P. (we remain with me at the orphanage to prepare meals) asking their team members about what they accomplished that day.  The team was so excited about what they were accomplishing that they decided to spend half of Saturday working on the project as well.  

On Friday and Saturday evenings the team took the opportunity to spend time with the kids living in the orphanage.  Friday evening we played group games with them outside. It was great to see everyone squealing with delight as they ran around the property playing tag and kick the can.  On Saturday evening the squealing continued as the kids ran up the stairs to join us for evening games.  This time we played circle games in our sleeping area on the 4th floor.  The team is enjoying interacting with the kids and developing relationships.

Sunday the team returned to the same church we attended last time.  It was nice to see familiar faces from both the job site and church last week.  This week the team was surprised to see “Team A” from the Mongolian TMI team join us at church.  The leaders had arranged for the two teams to attend church together, but we kept the information from the U.S. team.  It was so wonderful to see the excitement and joy on our team’s faces as they saw their Mongolian friends.  During the church service our leader, Ryan, preached the sermon and then both the US TMI team and the Mongolian TMI team did dramas, shared testimonies and puppets.  The church was very gracious and appreciated our contribution to the service.  After church, we gathered with the youth of the church and shared testimonies and played games together.  We also had pierogies, Khuurshuur and steamed buns together for lunch.   After our time with the church youth, the team traveled to the center of UB to visit a Genghis Khan square and a local coffee shop.  It was nice to just relax and sip coffee after such a long hard week of work.

This next week we are transitioning to doing work around the orphanage.  There are many areas of the orphanage which have fallen into disrepair.  The team plans on repainting, repairing and improving different areas of the orphanage throughout this upcoming week.  On Thursday we will have to leave the orphanage, we will travel into UB and the girls will stay at the TMI apartment and the boys will stay at a church across the street.  On Friday, the team will get to see many of the sites that are famous of the UB area and then we will fly to Turkey on Saturday.  

Thank you for your continued prayers for our team.  Pray that we will all be able to finish well and that we will not take our eyes off of the work we have here and our time together as a team.  

Some perspectives from the leaders:

“Thank you so much for entrusting your children to us this summer.  They are an amazing group of kids!  Everyone has stepped up and helped where needed.  We have seen your kids grow in amazing ways this summer and are excited to keep in touch even after this summer.  We would love to have each and every one of them back on another team with us for another summer.  We are looking forward to enjoying each and every day we have left together.” – Erin

“Coming to Mongolia, I was a bit skeptical about forming relationships with people here because of the language gap, but it has been truly amazing to see God break down that barrier, and start priceless friendships among the team members and Mongolians.” – Tristan

“This past week we had a very delightful witnessing opportunities on the job site while doing some masonry projects at the Teen Challenge Men’s Center here in UB.  A local mason was brought into oversee our work.  The first day it was all business as the team learned a new skill and he demonstrated proper techniques.  But as the team got better and better at the work, he really became impressed with both the quality of work they were doing and their work ethic.  Soon we were all having nice conversations with him through our translator and learned about him, his family and his life and sharing with him about our lives.  Please pray for him, that the seeds planted this week in his life would bear fruit and that he and his family would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.” – Erin

Thoughts from the team members:

“Mongolia is an amazing country, and the people here are very friendly an interesting.  It has been a lot of fun hanging out with our translator and the kids in the orphanage and learning more about the country and their culture.” – Misti

“Being here in Mongolia is incredible.  The people here are awesome!  I’m super conflicted right now, because part of me wishes that I could just stay here forever and keep sharing Jesus, but the other half of me is longing for home and my family.” – David

“I LOVE MONGOLIA! x10 God has done so much in my life.  I am so happy to be here, working with these kids, and making friends.  God Bless you all!! x10 I love my team.” – Jeremiah 

“Mongolia has been amazing.  I am very sad that I am leaving soon, but at the same time I know I am coming back someday.  The people here are so wonderful and I am really going to miss them.” – Zuzu

“I got to mix mortar with one of the Mongolians for like a week and I got to learn all kinds things about Mongolia.  He teaches Sunday school and lives right next to the orphanage so we get to see him all the time.” – Tim

“This past week I got the chance to hang out with the missionary’s son, David.  I also go the chance to experience Mongolian youth culture almost everyday.  One other cool thing I got to do was mixing mortar with David and Tim.  I really had fun.  I got to go to the flower market and I got some cool things.  This next week we’re going to work at the orphanage.  I am really excited.” – Preston

“This past week, God has shown me a lot about maturity and being patient.  I really enjoy this team, they are really great people.  Staying at the orphanage I have enjoyed hanging out with the kids and doing our work projects.  God has done amazing things on this trip with my team, and the bonding we have done.  God is amazing and can’t wait to go back to my hometown to witness Christ to others.” – Scott

“Mongolia is awesome I love the people and the culture especially, but mostly the kids.  We ran a Boot Camp for kids for two weeks and it was amazing.  I fell in love with this little boy named Ganbold.  We then sent them out into Mongolia to proclaim Christ.  After that we helped with construction at a Teen Challenge Center and we’ve had the opportunity to play with the orphans and God has blessed me and changed my life.  Please pray for the country of Mongolia.” – Napoleon

“Staying in Mongolia, working with the kids and helping build the teen center has been such an experience.  It’s really cool to see how God is working through our team, and how if we work together, we can overcome hard things.  It’s absolutely amazing here, and it will be here breaking to leave.  There is still so much work to do here, but God always has a plan.” – Bella

“I love this place so much.  I enjoy being able to hang out with the children here at the orphanage.  Although my Mongolian is limited, as is their English, they really enjoy teaching me more Mongolian.  I’ve had a few chances to ride around town (Ulaanbaatar), and my favorite thing is talking to the people.  Their happy spirits give me hope for the future of this country.” – Sam

“I’m having so much fun here.  The kids are really funny and they say my name and laugh a lot because it ‘Madi Bobb’ sounds like the name of this pastry thing they love.  God has been teaching me a lot about prayer.  I’ve been learning that God hears our prayers and answers them if we pray unselfishly.  Pslam 66:11-20 has been a big help.  It ’s so cool to see God working in our team and the people around us.” -Madi

“Mongolia has been great!!!  It’s been really cool to attend our host church and worship in the Mongolian language.  The people have been very nice and do they know how to cook!” – Kyle

“We have been working on a building and I have learned ‘lots’ of construction skills.  The morning demos are helpful for my daily outlook.  I really enjoy getting to know my team, the missionaries, orphans and the kids at our Boot Camp (OBC).” – Mikaila

“I feel so at home and really comfortable in Mongolia.  We’ve been busy with a lot.  We did a Boot Camp and worked in a building mortaring walls.  And we’ve stayed in an orphanage and I feel a strong heart for orphans and people who feel lost.  God is going to work in my life to do such things.  Love all you guys for helping us in prayer.  And we are praying for you guys as well! 🙂 “ – Ellie

“Never before this trip did I think the throwing mud onto a wall could be mastered, but I have now seen such mastery.  We have been putting stucco on walls at a Teen Challenge building.  It has been awesome to work on this project.  We also got to see one of the teams from our OBC (Overseas Boot Camp) perform a drama in the front of the church we were attending.  The end of the summer is coming soon and I hope we finish strong.” – Jonah

“Working on the Teen Challenge building has been great, and it has been amazing to see how much work and effort goes into constructing a building.  I’ve also loved having the opportunity to meet and play with the kids at the orphanage.  I love their energy and enthusiasm.” – Jaela

“Mongolia is a BLAST! I love it here! Working at the Teen Challenge building was so much fun.  The kids were the best and playing with them is something I will always hold dear.” – Shad

“Greetings from the Land of Blue Skies! Mongolia has really been showing me a new side of myself, and helping me to be more selfless.” – Arianne



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