News From The Navajo Boot Camp Team!

On Saturday, the team visited Ganado for our last JMI (Just Move It) 5k race. It was a morning race. We moved our booth to a better location just before the race and enjoyed more foot traffic. Christian, Emerald, and Seth helped the race organizers handing out a free piece of fruit. At the booth, the team handed out free ice water, Wordless Books / Bracelets (explaining the salvation story), Gospel coins and made balloons for the kids. We also handed out Good News coloring books with the Scriptures in Navajo and English. Rachel, Christian, Faith, Lydia and Mr. Steve had long conversations with some of the runners. Some were already believers. Others were Mormon, Traditional, and Baha’i.  Two of the people that Christian shared with prayed and said ‘Yes’ to Jesus! Praise the Lord!

On the way home from Ganado, we stopped at Hubble Trading Post (the oldest continuously operated trading post in the USA). It is a National Historic Site. We enjoyed the displays and old-fashioned store. Faith got special cards from the Park Ranger since she served as the ’spokesperson’ for her questions about our team!  In the evening, we had our ‘Bridging the Gap’ service for the Navajos with worship, a challenge from Liz and a message from Mr. Steve. Christian’s family came afterward, and Lydia and Danny left this morning with more than a few tears shed!

Since it was ‘Go Day’ for the Navajos and we had to stay to meet families, we just had our Sunday service on the Hilltop. Seth gave our morning sermon about the Great Commission and did a great job!

Testimony from Malawi (birthday) May  — We said goodbye to the Navajos last night and this morning. They are back home on the never-ending mission field. We are praying for strength and courage as they are spreading the love of God to the Navajo Nation. We are finishing up our work at WIM and will be heading back to FL on Friday the 4th. Prayers are always appreciated!  (Miss Gay and Hannah made tacos to celebrate May’s 17th birthday.)

Testimony from Seth  —  The team is back down to only the FTM’s. That means I am the only guy again. We also went to the last JMI race yesterday and it was the Navajo’s last day. We did our own church service and I got to preach. I preached on how when we go home, we are still on the mission field.

Photos are from our last JMI and from the couples quiz during Navajo ‘Debrief’……


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