The Zambia Team Is On Their Way To Victoria Falls!


The Zambia team is currently on route to the city of Lusaka where we will be spending the night before we make our trip to Livingston where we will get to see the Victoria Falls.  The team is in good spirits despite being crammed into a bus like sardines.

The team is playing games eating snacks that they got at the store and sleeping. Eve just finished her verse review. Spicer has been practice quizzing in preparation for Debrief. Spicer and Grace F. are now doing sign language.

Abby and Chloe are eating the Zambian equivalent to Cheetos. My wife, Sarah, is eating sugar cane.

We are all excited for the falls and our sightseeing in Livingston.



  1. Why is the Zambia team report under Tanzania’s trip reports?

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