Another Report From Mongolia!

Hello from an exhausted Mongolia team!  The team has been working hard for the past three days at the orphanage doing odd jobs around the orphanage that were much needed.  The team was determined that since our time here is so limited. Today is our last day of work at the orphanage, they were going to work long hours to ensure that we could do as much as possible around here.  Tim, Ellie, Shad, Scott, Kyle and Jae have been working on reinstalling new concrete and tile front steps on the guest house here.  Jonah, Mikaila, David & Napoleon are removing water damaged walls on the fourth floor of the orphanage and putting new sheetrock up.  Bella, Misti and Zuzu are sanding off old paint from the playground and plan on repainting it today.  Arianne, Preston, Madi and Sam are repainting the gazebo outside the orphanage.  Jeremiah was the team gopher, running around doing the little errands that each team needed doing.  We are hoping that we can get all of the projects done before we leave tomorrow morning.

Monday, we celebrated Mikaila’s birthday with an amazing store bought cake.  The cakes here are works of art and taste amazing too. She was thoroughly surprised.  We had a giant candle on the cake which looked like a large sparkler.  

Tomorrow, the bus will pick up the team and take us into UB to the Teen Missions’ apartment and a local church across the street where we will be staying for the next two nights.  The team hopes to visit the Black Market (a large shopping are…not really a Black Market) tomorrow and then on Friday we will spend our day sight seeing.  We hope to visit a local national park, Genghis Khan Statue and possibly ride a horse or camel 🙂  Saturday morning we will board a plane and fly back to the US, via a 20 hr layover in Istanbul, we appreciate your prayers as we sightsee and travel back to the US.


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  1. Will be praying for you and your trip home and renewed strength! God Bless and thank you for giving your summer to serving Jesus!!!

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