Another Report From the Navajo Community Development Team!

We have enjoyed many visits from family and friends this summer.  This past Sunday, Jeremiah’s parents came to visit.  His mom, Melanie, taught me how to make Navajo Fry bread, a cultural delicacy I plan to make outside of my TMI life.  The church also hosted a luncheon in our honor and fed everyone Navajo Tacos, so we had Fry Bread twice that day!  A definite treat!!!  

Yesterday the final two concrete trucks came.  We completed our final concrete pour and, in doing so, the sidewalk around the church is complete!  It looks great.  Everyone did such a good job.  Our teammates have a sense of accomplishment and great pride for the finished product.  Hard work really does pay off!!  Today is our last work day.  Tomorrow we will pack and begin the long journey back to Florida late tomorrow night.  

Our summer here on the Rez has really given us the opportunity to get to know the Navajo people and understand their culture.  Family is so important to the Navajo people.  In this church alone, one family has 4 generations that attend. The church body is very close knit; they all help each other and are very generous with their time and personal belongings.  They are very helpful and kind to us too!  Many of the congregation assisted us with our project which helped us finish faster.  Their devotion to each other and the church as a whole is inspiring.  It has been wonderful living side by side with them, experiencing first hand their rich, deep culture.  


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