The Last Report From Madagascar!

Hello to our friends and family! Our team is doing very well as always. We have been enjoying our time of sightseeing and travel. Sunday we went on an interesting five-hour truck ride to explore some caves and waterfalls! It was very tiring but so worth it because we definitely got to see some awesome sights.

We got back to Mahajanga Tuesday night and enjoyed an awesome pizza restaurant called La Gastro’s then we made our way to a resort called Campiland. We spent the entire day Wednesday at this resort relaxing, swimming, and walking on the beach. It was a much-needed rest time, and the team loved it. Today we came back to the base and did some much-needed laundry and packing up as tomorrow morning we hit the road for Antananarivo. We will spend Saturday in Tana souvenir shopping and then Sunday we will go to the airport and be on our way to America! The team is really excited to head home, but it is also bittersweet as we will miss Madagascar and all of the friends we have made here! Thank you all for your continued prayers, they are felt and appreciated!

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