A Last Report From The Navajo Boot Camp Team!

The sun is setting on our last day looking out over Window Rock and the Navajo Nation. 

It has been a blessed summer with many answers to prayer. Our team has grown very close and we will be forever grateful for the opportunity to build friendships with our Navajo brothers and sisters.

This week the team completed the repairs on the dorm floor and laid the carpet. Another crew made repairs to a perimeter road which opened the way to begin hauling debris out of the hilltop woodland. We separated out the wood and made two trips to the burn pile on our newly repaired road. We also enjoyed a visit from Mr. Mike and some of the Community Development team. We loaded extra equipment that won’t fit on our bus. Thanks, guys!

The team visited the WIM bookstore this morning and packed their duffels. We loaded all the kitchen items on the bus and have just a few more items to put on in the morning. before we leave. The drive home should take three days. We plan to allow the team members to call home ( a short 5-minute call…)  as we approach Merritt Island on Sunday evening so please answer any call from the (321) area code! Here are so final thoughts from our team as we get ready to leave…

Seth  — The time has come… it’s the final report… my final web testimony.  We just finished loading the kitchen on the bus. The only things left to load on the bus are duffles and us. After those are loaded, we will start our three-day journey to Debrief. I learned a lot over these seven weeks such as how to be a better leader. Hi, Mom and Dad! See you on the 11th!

Faith —This week was very exciting, fun and very busy. All of our Navajo team members and our one Navajo leader have left. We are all sad to see them go, but at the same time excited to see them reunited with family and friends. We also excitedly anticipate them continuing the SHINE their light for God on the Navajo Nation.

Rachel — Sadly our time on the Navajo Reservation is coming to a close. As I gaze upon the beautiful scenery, I am reminded once again of God’s faithfulness and many blessings that He’s poured out on us this summer. I am so thankful for the time that he has given us here!  Love, Rachel (aka Rae Mae) 

May  — Hey, It has been four days since the Navajo’s left. Our team feels smaller and incomplete, but I am so thankful for the friendships that we made this summer with them. I have learned a lot about the love of God, fellowship, endurance, and so much more. “Consider it all joy my brethren when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.” James 1:2,3

Hannah — Today is our last day here at New Arizona. We are the Arizona team, but most of the time we have been in New Mexico, so, I call this area New Arizona. It has been fun here on the reservation. It is sad to know that the end is near. I am looking forward to the trip back to Florida. It will be a good time of communion with the team members. I have learned that being a leader entails a lot more than I thought. As a female leader, one is expected to take care of the team members, help in the kitchen, clean up, and share the love of God to all. That is a lot if you ask me. I just thank the Lord I did not have to do it alone. I am thankful for Mr. Steve and Miss Gay and all that they have taught me. The leader I have become is attributed to them and their help, but more importantly, is attributed to God and his guidance. I have learned what it truly means to seek God’s guidance and trust. No matter what comes my way I remember that “Nothing is going to happen to me that you (God) and I can not handle together. I have learned so much. Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible. May God bless you all as you have blessed me.  

Emerald — As the summer is coming to an end, I’m getting excited and sad. I’m excited that we accomplished so much and that I get to see my family and friends soon. But I’m sad that we now have to leave this place. It has been an amazing summer and I have loved getting to know everyone so much. Thank you, everyone, who supported me this summer! I love you all!  Jude 24-25

Liz –  The highlight of my summer was working with and being with the Navajos. Danny, Christian, and Lydia were truly awesome people to spend the summer with and watch grows spiritually. Though only the three of them came, as their relationships grew closer to Christ, it seemed He worked through them in mighty ways. Starting at Boot Camp, the strength, perseverance, and cheerfulness they displayed were an encouragement to me. We all got to know them and see their confidence and the diligence God gave them. Thank you supporters for allowing me to be able to come here to the Navajo Nation and have these amazing experiences.

Photo after loading Comm Dev team’s bus… Fun to see you & thank for helping us! (photo coming soon)


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  1. Praying for your team, reading your reports and rejoicing in all that God has done in you and through you has been a joy! Have a safe trip to Merritt Island and enjoy Debrief. Blessings as you take your experiences to your family and friends. Carol, Former Team Leader

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