Last Report From The Ethiopia Team!

Today was so full of emotions for the team as we packed.  We had our last work day yesterday and the orphans visited the site of their new facility and were so excited with what had been done.  We were able to put six rows of block on all the walls.  Alyssa A turned out to be a block-laying ninja.  The kids learned how to mix mortar quickly and efficiently.  

Today we began the day with cleaning and packing and at 11:00 we went to an area hotel for an appreciation luncheon. The mayor of Bako and many officials, area pastors and the board of SVO  (the ministry we did the project for) were there.  We also met a group from Cleveland, Ohio, who are the sponsors of the orphanage.  We saw a power-point presentation of the founding of the ministry and how many people have been impacted by it.  The lunch was very good and the fellowship wonderful.  The town thanked us for our wonderful witness of faithful daily hard work.  Our leaders were also able to express their appreciation of the loving care we had while in Bako. We were all presented with beautiful traditional scarfs and Mr. Maher received a national shirt.  They passed out the gifts and at the end shouted one, two, three. Everyone open your gift.   It was fun.   

When we returned we finished our packing and then went to the orphanage to say goodbye to the children.  Everyone was in tears.  We have truly left a part of our hearts here in Bako.  

Tomorrow morning we take a bus to Addis Abba where we will stay two nights in a hotel.  We will have our time to shop for souvenirs for our families.  

Our flight to the States begins at 10 PM on August 6.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support while we were in Ethiopia!!!!   The team is looking forward to Debrief and then to get home.  

Thank you for sharing these great kids with us this summer.  I am sure they will fill your ears with many stories.  To God be the Glory!!

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