Last Report From The Mongolia Team!

The Mongolia team is off the ground and on their way back to Florida for Debrief via Istanbul. The last week has been very productive seeing us finish up our work at the Teen Challenge Men’s shelter and then complete the painting of the playground structure and finish pouring a concrete pad for the driveway at the orphanage. Our time here in Mongolia has been entirely too short and saying goodbye to the orphans a couple of days ago was super hard for us all. However, after a tearful goodbye, we packed a lot into our final two days. Here is a short list of what we’ve gotten to do:

1) Shopping for souvenirs at the Black Market,

2) Visiting a national park where we went for a hike on Turtle Rock and got to ride camels and horses

3) Got our photos taken with a golden eagle on our arms

4) Went up inside the huge statue of Gingiss Kahn and toured the museum beneath it.

5) Put on authentic Mongolian clothing from the 1200’s and posed for pictures together.

Except for a stomach bug and a cold hitting a couple of team members, everyone is healthy and well and can’t wait to meet up with the other teams at Debrief to hear how their summers went.

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