Honduras Team Last Report

Well, on Monday, the team had their final work day to see if we could finish the concrete lid for the new septic tank. Everyone took turns working hard on that and other jobs the entire day. But no one worked as hard as Crystal and Kyrie – they stayed through their free time voluntarily! And…we did! We finished. The next day, Tuesday, was clean the buildings and pack up. We also celebrated JoAnna’s birthday on the 1st, so that was really fun! And finally, Wednesday, we left early, 20-minute ride in the boats, and then moved everything into the pickup trucks for our three-hour, bumpy ride then moved everything to a bus – for the rest of the trip. The bus trip was about eight hours, but we had AC so that was nice! 



From team members:

What I have learned so far is far greater than anything I could learn at home. I learned how to be patient with my fellow team members. I have also learned the meaning of hard work and the dangers of swimming at Honduran beaches as well as when they say not to stick your hands in the water they really mean it. Most of all, I got closer to God because of all the love and joy I got to spread among all the villages with my team. I’m really glad I got the opportunity to come to Honduras. Noelle

So far this trip hasn’t been at all what I expected it to be, but I guess that’s a good thing. I’ve spent the last month and a half with 12 of the most amazing teammates I could have asked for. Together we have gone to six different villages, traveled Honduran rivers, and have grown closer to God. Between devotions every morning, hearing what other people have learned, and having chapel every night, I’ve been able to see God in a new way, which is pretty cool. This has all been so much fun and I’m glad it’s not over quite yet. Kyrie

Being in Honduras has been an amazing experience. It’s been awesome seeing how enthusiastic and open to the Gospel everybody’s been, not to mention how fun it’s been for us as a team. It’s also been really cool watching our work on the base develop over the last month. I’ve learned a lot during classes like Bible Marking, which was another great part of my experience here. Eliseo

Arriving here, one month in Honduras seemed like it would take awhile as homesickness was a present struggle in my life, but the instant beauty in the land and the opportunities present to share the Gospel has proved to show how quickly four weeks can fly by. Definitely the longest trip from home and family, this mission has allowed God to work in my life and heart in ways never before possible, and away from usual daily distractions, I have been able to grow tremendously closer to God. That has filled me with energy, excitement, and a drive to be God’s hands and feet. Crystal

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  1. My thanks to all of you for being the hands and feet and hearts of the church for those of us who are unable to “go”. You have been an inspiration to the body of Christ as we have followed your adventures. May your relationship with Him continue to mature.

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