Wow! What A Report From The Navajo Community Development Team!

We will arrive at Debrief tonight, after another delightful three-day bus ride.  Expect a phone call from your son or daughter tomorrow sometime.:)  I can not believe that this will be the final Navajo Community Development Team report I write.  This summer has been incredible.  Your children have made me laugh (A LOT) and cry and have left irreplaceable footprints on my heart.  In a few days we will walk away from this summer, taking with us lifetime friendships and memories that will stand the test of time.  I will miss everyone and everything about our time together.  Peter, you have such a kind heart and a devotion to the Lord that is contagious.  Never lose that fervor!  Garrett, you have a brilliant mind.  You think WAY outside my box.  I know you will achieve great things, using your talents for God.  Darrell, you are such a hard worker, always looking for ways to help.  Thank you for always being willing.  It speaks volumes of your character.  Daniel, your testimony and outlook on life is inspiring.  To see the man you are today is remarkable!  You have an inner strength that is greater than your physical strength, which says a lot considering your daily 200 push-ups!  Lauren, Proverbs 27:19 says, “As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the person.”  You, my dear friend, have a beautiful heart.  Keep seeking and asking questions about the Lord!  I appreciate your sincerity as you grow in the Truth.  Annabelle, I will miss seeing your smiling face everyday!  Your focus and goals for the future are exciting.  You are brave and kind, two of the many qualities that make you the lovely young lady you are!  Kymberly, you are soft-spoken and gentle-spirited.  You are an example to others of the importance to speak less and listen more.  Your gentleness brought life and health to this team!  Miles, there will be no end to what you can learn because of your desire to be taught.  Your desire for and to maintain personal integrity according to God’s standards will bring you great success.  Natalija, you brighten everyone’s day with your happy, contagious personality.  You are always ready to greet others with a welcome word of encouragement and you always have enthusiasm for the task at hand.  You understand what it means to be a genuine friend and our lives are all enriched because of it.  Blaine, your creativity is a little bit intimidating!  You are a deep thinker, always challenging us to consider whatever wild idea you have thought of.  I love that about you.  I thank the Lord for making you so wonderfully complex!  Remember, knowing God is what gives the depths a bottom and makes the heights limitless.  Christian, you are a “salty” Christian that makes others thirsty for Jesus, the Water of Life.  Like salt, you are a preservative and a flavor enhancer, effecting the world around you, bringing out the best “flavor” in others.  Reed, none of us were lonely this summer with you around.  You stuck close, listened, cared, and offered to help when needed.  All of qualities of someone who understands what it means to be a true friend.  Thank you all for THE MOST AMAZING summer.  Parents and friends, your faithful prayers have sustained us.  

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