Seth & Emily Phippen Newsletter (Fall 2017)

Greeting Friends and Family,


The last few months have been a crazy adventure filled with new people, places and food. We moved all our belongings and ourselves to Malawi, AFRICA. We came with a Teen Missions team of 24 teens. Our project with the teens was to drill a well for a village in need of clean water. While drilling the well we were able to share the Gospel through music, dramas and personal testimonies. Although the majority of the village was Muslim, we were able to share the Gospel with them only because of the work we were doing in their community. During our door-to-door evangelism, a woman came to the saving knowledge of Christ. In total we had two people put their trust in Jesus for salvation. They will be meeting with some of the Bible school students who will disciple and encourage them. We were with the teens for about one month, then they headed back home with other leaders while we stayed to start our new life and missions here in Malawi. We had a wonderful team and thoroughly enjoyed our summer with them.

We are now getting settled into our new home and responsibilities. We are in charge of all the work Teen Missions has in Malawi. There are four Bible schools with about 90 students total, 10 AIDS Orphan Rescue Units, 10 Motorcycle Sunday School Circuits, and two matrons units. Seth runs all the office work, finances, communication with staff and general oversight of all the different ministries we have running here. It is a big job and we covet your prayer for wisdom and strength.


We have many national staff here working alongside us to further God’s Kingdom. We greatly appreciate all they do and we could not do it without them. They run the Orphan Rescue Units, Bible schools, matrons units, etc. We ask that you pray God would guide us as we encourage and train them, and that they would live their lives with integrity and gospel truths.


James and Lauren love it here. James has already made many friends with the staff kids. He loves playing outside and watching the monkeys play outside our window. We can’t believe he’s already 3! Lauren is growing fast and learning new words every day. She loves to follow James around and do everything he does. She also loves sitting on the floor and reading books and more books! They have both adjusted well and love all the people and animals they get to see daily. Seth has been struggling with some sort of allergy since we got here. He has a runny nose and itchy eyes. Pray that God would heal him and that we can figure out what is causing this. I had my first case of malaria in the middle of August. I was really sick for about three days and it took a few weeks for me to fully regain my strength. What a huge blessing that we were able to catch it right away and get treatment quickly! Thank you to everyone who was praying for me.

We have been blessed by all the prayers and support from you all. We are so grateful for those who have faithfully partnered with us financially as we serve here in Malawi. It’s not always easy relying on the generosity of our brothers and sisters in Christ, but we have learned to faithfully put our trust in the Lord and not on anything else.


In Christ,
Seth, Emily, James, & Lauren   

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