Shannon & Vikki Bobb (Fall 2017)

Will your anchor hold in the storms of life,
When the clouds unfold their wings of strife?
When the strong tides lift, and the cables strain,
Will your anchor drift, or firm remain?
We have an anchor
That keeps the soul
Steadfast and sure while the billows roll
Fastened to the Rock which cannot move
Grounded firm and deep in Savior’s Love 
(Author:  Priscilla J. Owen)


We sure feel as if we have been sheltered by God. Hurricane Irma passed right over us! It is amazing that there was only minimal damage here at Teen Missions from the Category 3 storm. We only suffered a little roof damage, lots of downed trees and limbs and standing water everywhere. Things could have been much worse!  Canaan and Vikki were in Ohio for the weekend to be with her dad for a special event. Madison, Zoe and I “hunkered down” here at Teen Missions. We boarded up our windows and did all the preparations that were suggested. We were without power afterward for about six days and without water for three days. The girls were out of school for seven days. We went out each day and helped neighbors along Hall Road to remove trees from their driveways. I think they were a little disappointed when the “adventure” was all over. We are so thankful for God’s protection and provision through it all. 



Our family praying together before Commissioning (this picture was a surprise to us and taken by a volunteer)


On June 17, we began our journey as a team when 10 team members arrived at The Lord’s Boot Camp. For two weeks, we trained together—running the Obstacle Course, living together in tents in our campsite named “Ant Zoo,” training in motorcycle riding, puppets, evangelism and music classes, and growing in our relationship with God. On July 2, we flew from Orlando to Siem Reap, Cambodia, to begin our summer project. Each day, the team would go out to two or three villages to hold “Sunday School” meetings with children in the area. We would sing songs, do puppets, dramatize a Bible story, share a testimony and present the Gospel message through the colors of the Wordless Book. The team was able to do 18 presentations and saw over 100 children pray to receive salvation. They were an amazing group of young people. The team left Cambodia on July 30th to return to Merritt Island for Debrief.  Zoe, Vikki and I stayed for almost two weeks to help out any way we could.  We worked with the staff and students to put a new roof on the kitchen area and apartment at the base in Kampong Chhnang,  At the Siem Reap base, we scrubbed the building around the courtyard to clean it up and re-hung the Teen Missions in Cambodia sign. We also helped settle in a new intern from the US and a staff person from Mongolia. It was hard to leave Cambodia, knowing that the staff and students were preparing to start their Boot Camp in a few weeks.  We would have loved to be able to stay and be a part of it all.  

Zoe with her new friend from the orphanage in Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia




Madison riding a camel in Mongolia

Madison was part of a team to Mongolia. There were 18 team members who trained together at Boot Camp and traveled to Mongolia. Their first project was to run Boot Camp in Mongolia for local teens in a national park area. They had 21 join Boot Camp and most of them accepted Christ. Madison taught puppets and drama. She loved getting to know the Mongolian kids and the scenery was absolutely beautiful! The weather was amazing, never above 80 degrees although nights were cold, but they bundled up in their tents and enjoyed it. After the teams left for their team projects, Madison’s team transitioned to an orphanage in the city of Ulaanbaatar. They stayed there and worked on the Teen Challenge building and renovated the playground. They poured lots of concrete and Madison even learned the art of plastering the Mongolian way! Ask her for a demonstration sometime. ϑ On the way home, they were able to spend a night in Istanbul, Turkey and tour the city. 




Vikki started a new BMW term with six new students. There are a total of 15 here studying now. I am busy helping with Hurricane clean up and preparing the Conference Center for retreat season. We have a large retreat of 150 youth coming on October 6.

Madson started her SENIOR year of high school (Vikki and I are still in denial over that, LOL) and Zoe started the eighth grade. They are both busy with the swim team and helping with the fall musical at school.  

We will be in Ohio for two weeks in December/January and would love to share about Teen Missions with anyone who wants to hear. Just text or email me and we will get you on our schedule. We also hope to hold our annual “Thanks for Giving” dinner then as well. Mark your calendars now for December 28 from 5-7 so you don’t miss it!  We would love to see you and serve YOU as a way of saying THANK YOU for all you do to support our ministry!

In Christ,

Shannon and Vikki Bobb



1. Praise:  Canaan is six months seizure free and is doing great!!

2. Pray for more staff to help in Cambodia. Currently, there is only one person on staff and one intern. We have 20 students in two locations. Nelly, the country coordinator, is stretched very thin.

3. Pray for the country of Cambodia.  There is a lot of instability ahead of the national elections next June.

4. Pray that we would be willing to go wherever God leads.

5. Pray for Madison to have wisdom in making college and career decisions.


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