Thomas & Julie Clyde Newsletter (Fall 2017)

Dear Friends and Family,


It has been very busy for us the past couple of months. We came home from Cambodia in March. Our original plans were to go back as soon as possible, but God had other plans for our now growing family. We are due to have a baby this December, therefore, the changes to our family. Due to being pregnant, we are now going to be serving with Teen Missions here in Florida for the time being.

Thomas and I both loved the time we spent in Cambodia. We were not able to complete the dormitory at the Bible School down in Kampong Chhnang before we left. The work has continued there and they now have the septic tank completed and the outside walls are almost completed. The roof has been put on and the school continues to operate well. The Cambodian students are doing well. Please keep them in your prayers as their elections are coming up and with some of the conflicts going on in politics it may have a big impact on the country and its people. Pray for their safety and that politically and socially there will be peace.

We had the privilege to lead a team of preteens this summer to different parts of the state of Florida. Our team’s description was to go around on mini-bikes (a.k.a. little motorcycles) and stop in at campsites in Florida national parks, to share the Gospel with other campers. The kids were unable to do large amounts of evangelizing due to rules regarding sharing religion in large groups on the government property. Although we were not able to do large scale events, we were a good witness to the park rangers who said we were the most polite and respectful group of kids they had seen. We also went out in Cocoa Village and did open-air presentations in the square and at a small kid’s park. 

The biggest evangelism and discipleship that took place was within the borders of our own team. Two of the team members accepted Christ as their Savior during the team. It was amazing to see them so serious about serving God at such a young age. Throughout the rest of the trip we saw them continue to grow in their faith. Others I noticed took the scriptures that we are required to memorize and took them to heart. Others who came as very angry started to control their anger and seek better ways of resolving conflict by changing their own attitudes towards others instead of expecting others to change first. 

  Every year I find that God stretches me in new ways and gives me new things to deal with that only by His grace I can make it through. This summer was no different. The preteens seemed to have an endless supply of energy and trouble that they could get into. At the beginning of the summer I kept on looking at their actions and having no idea what to do with them. Partway through the trip God showed me I had to stop looking at their actions and see the child who needed help beneath it all. This showed me just how wrong I had been seeing them. They were all children in need of God’s love and needing to learn about Him. This turning point in my view was when I started to see God changing their lives and mine as well. I was blessed to have been a part of the Forest Angels preteen team and am so thankful that God put us there. 

Thomas and I finished up our internship with Teen Missions during the summer. We have now decided to join staff full time with Teen Missions and have signed on for the next couple of years. We are, for the time being, going to be staying in Florida until after the baby is born. We are excited to see where God will be taking us in these next few years of missions.

Please keep us in your prayers. Your prayers mean the world to us! By supporting us through prayers and encouragement, you are just as much a part of what we do here as we are. Some specific requests that we have are:

•To become fully financially supported. We are about halfway there.

•Pray for our son for good health. Also pray for Julie in these last few months of pregnancy, that all will go well.

•Pray for Cambodia’s political conflict at the moment. Pray for the safety of our Bible Schools and their students and for the country to come to know Christ.

•Pray that we continue to grow in our faith and that God will show us how to be good parents.

Thank you for all your prayers and support!


Thomas and Julie Clyde

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