Bob & Betty Lane Newsletter (Fall 2017)


Dear Family and Friends,


Grandma and her helper at the Ark Encounter

Betty and I greet you in the blessed Name of Jesus. We pray this letter finds you all enjoying the best of health. A lot has happened since our last letter. Hurricane Irma gave us a blow, taking the top out of our large oak tree in the front of our home. There was no damage to the house, just made a big mess. Our flowers and bushes took a hammering, and there was one small leak to our roof.

Water and power were off for eight days. I was happy I had bought a small generator that saved our food in the freezer and refrigerator and supplied power to our fan and T.V. We thank God for looking out for us. We went to Teen Missions and stayed during the hurricane with other staff and family and was well taken care of.


Returning home, the Myers family removed the boards from the windows and cleaned up the yard. Before the storm, the Ayers family installed them. A big thanks to both families.

I wasn’t able to do much after just having my neck surgery. The surgery went well and I am recovering with some pain. The doctor did a clean sweep this time. He went from #2 to #7 with bone grafts and now I have two metal braces and a lot of prayer. Two weeks out of surgery, I get an infection in my right knee. This is the knee I had replaced 12 years ago. It is much better now. What next?

Betty’s health is good, she gets around very well with her three-wheel walker. She was told by her doctor that she would not be able to walk without her walker – she’s trying. She still gets pain in her right leg between her knee and hip.


My younger brother went home to be with Jesus a few weeks ago. He was a retired army veteran and served time in Vietnam, where he contracted agent orange cancer. We’re happy we got to spend a day with him and Shirley his wife, along with our daughter, Nancy, and my brother, Jack. It was a happy day—we talked about growing up with a sister and four brothers. We didn’t have much but we were too dumb to know we were poor! He is missed, as we were very close. We are very thankful for a godly mother who prayed for us.


Our dear friend in Switzerland, Willy Dros’ wife, Brenda, went home to be with Jesus, They have been our friends for about twenty years. She would cook some great Swiss meals, and we had some happy fellowship with them. We will miss her, but we will meet her again. Betty and I are reading a book called Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven by David Geremion. Reading it makes you ready to go. God has a wonderful place for his children.


A week after the storm, our grandson Brennan was visiting and went into our family room where we have a fireplace, He came running back to the living room where Betty was yelling, “There’s a monster in the fireplace.” Betty checked it out with a flashlight and discovered it was a squirrel. He must of got in during the storm. I took Betty’s “reachers” and picked him up and put him in the yard. He was so weak he couldn’t walk or eat; he must have been in the fire place over a week. He went to wherever they go when they die.

At Christmas our granddaughters, Desiree and Jace, gave us a smart phone. Now that we have learned how to use it (almost), we can keep up with family and friends on Facebook from many countries of the world. To our surprise, we connected with eight of the teens that were at Teen Missions Boot Camp in the Ukraine 10 years ago. They are grown now and some married. It is a blessing to hear how they’re doing.

All aboard!

Betty and I took our great grandson, Brennan, on a train trip to Virginia to see our son Stanley and his wife, Janet. It was a happy time. He liked it. He is seven and was a lot of help for Betty.

Our 67 year anniversary together will soon be here on November 11th. Wow, what a blessed journey 45 years serving God in missions to so many countries. We miss taking teams as we have in the past. They created many wonderful memories. Would we do it again? We sure would. It was our life. It has been so rewarding.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. You were a big part of it. God bless you. We pray for you each day. Keep praying for our full recovery. We cannot give up.

In Christ,

Bob & Betty Lane


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