Canaan Bobb Newsletter (Fall 2017)

Dear Friends and Family,


This summer was amazing. Malawi was great and I had a great group of kids—preteens ages 10-13. We built a playground at the base in Chipoka for the kids there. The team worked hard around the base.  Occasionally we would go to the nearby AIDS Orphan Rescue Unit. There the team members would interact with the Malawian children. We played games like Red Rover and Duck Duck Goose. There aren’t many people 6’3″ in Malawi, so the kids didn’t really know what to think of me. They were a little scared, but once I started chasing them around and throwing them up in the air they warmed up to me. For sightseeing, the team went on a safari. They had showers at the safari lodge which the team members were eager to use. There was no hot water when we were there, because earlier that day some elephants had wandered into the camp and crushed the hot water pipes. On the safari we saw elephants, hippos, cape buffalo, warthogs and many other animals.  

After the team, I spent a couple of weeks working on the property here before deputation. During deputation, Hurricane Irma hit. Luckily I was in Ohio at the time visiting family, but Dad, Madison and Zoe were all stuck here. Power was out for five days. Most of the property was underwater when I got back. No buildings had major damage, but there were many trees down and palm fronds everywhere. I spent two weeks on cleanup duty. The property is almost back to normal now. Most of the debris has been cleaned up and the water is going down. We had a group of 125 scheduled for a retreat the weekend after Irma, but that has been rescheduled. Dad and I will start renovating two more dorm rooms soon.


Mom and Dad have been keeping busy with the Conference Center and Bible School. We have six new students this term. Zoe is currently on the swim team and Madison is the team manager. They really enjoy it. Madison is enjoying her senior year at Edgewood and she recently got accepted to Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. Taylor graduated from there and I attended there for a year before transferring to UCF. Her test scores and GPA are high so she will probably get most of her tuition covered.

Upcoming Events:

Here at TMI we are finally settling back into the normal routine now that the summer is over. We have a couple of big retreats coming here next month, so I will be working a lot on getting the retreat center ready for those. I’m praying about where I will lead next year. Hopefully I will be a head leader.

Prayer Requests:

– health and safety

– wisdom for the future

– financial support

– upcoming retreats

This month I am six months seizure free. I’m halfway to being able to drive again. Thank you so much for your prayers and please continue to pray for this.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Canaan Bobb

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