Emery & Linda Aronson Newsletter (Fall 2017)


Once again summer has come and gone. I enjoyed my time being a leader with the Mustards Seeds, this year with Aiden. The theme was “Kings and Queens” and he made a very good king. We studied about kings like David, Saul, Joash, Jesus and a queen named Esther. We talked about good ones and bad ones and what would be the right thing to do in the sight of the Lord. Missionary stories were told by “real missionaries” from our overseas bases.  At the end we had a royal meal at the king’s court.

Ava was too old for Mustards Seeds so she was on the Cookie Command Peanut Team. They were at Boot Camp for a week and have classes on puppets, Bible stories and singing.  They went to nursing homes and fire stations to give out cookies they made. A sad thing is they went to the place where mom had been staying—too bad she was not there. She would have loved seeing her great-granddaughter being on a Teen Missions team just like her dad and grandparents were—a very proud moment for us.

Joseph spent the spring and summer in Iowa at Jericho Hills Camp again. He had a little different setup this year and also knew more about what to do and what to expect. He mowed lots of grass and weed whacked all around. There were times when groups were there so he helped with some settling in, as well as being in the kitchen, doing cleaning and whatever else was needed. He often went along to town to help get supplies.

Emery helped get things ready for Boot Camp.  After Commissioning he took kids to the airport to fly out to the overseas countries where they would serve for the summer. One team that was going to Arizona to work with Native Americans needed another bus driver to drive them there, so Emery helped drive and then flew back to help out on summer staff. He did the usual mowing and did other projects that needed to be done.  He also went to the airport to pick up kids coming back to Florida for Debrief. After the second Debrief he flew back out to Arizona to help drive the team back to Florida for their Debrief. 

Teen Missions has an RV Park, so Emery and I were there for two weeks to work while the regular people were on vacation. I was in the office answering the phone, checking people in and taking payments that they made. Emery did some mowing and painted picnic tables and did the maintenance things that came up. We stayed in one of the park models—it was camping with A/C! There was one trailer that tipped on its side during the storm (Hurricane Irma) and a lot of branches down, but no one was  hurt.

Irma came and visited us. We were very blessed and had no damage and never lost power at our house, which is unusual because we always lose power even in thunderstorms. The office had a lot of flooding on property and no power for almost a week. There were several water breaks which meant we couldn’t use the water without boiling if you even had running water. Some places had no water because they had to find out where the leaks were. When we went out after the storm, we drove by a church near us and the parking lot looked more like a swimming pool.

We were able to have fun with the kids until things got back to normal. We took them to the zoo, fed the animals and took the train ride to see some of the behind the scene things. There was also mini-golfing where they gave you food to feed to the alligators. It was a great time although we weren’t doing much more than hitting the ball rather than actually aiming for the hole.

Now we are getting things picked and cleaned up after the hurricane. Since we have been out of the office for five weeks, there is a lot of catching up to do. As they say, one bite at a time and then soon it will be done. On a family note: along with my mom dying the end of April, we got word the first week of June that my aunt (mom’s sister, Betty) passed away.  Now the sisters are in heaven together.

Thank you for all your faithful prayers and support over the years.

The Aronsons


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