Josiah & Bethany Frey Newsletter (Fall 2017)

Dear Friends and Family,


We are back in the USA

It’s hard for us to wrap our brain around the fact we are in the USA! After years of living in Malawi, adjusting to life in the US is exciting, but challenging all at the same time. On August 29th Bethany and I boarded our Ethiopian flight to leave Malawi. It was a day full of tears as we said goodbye to the people we had worked alongside for so many years. We will forever leave a part of our heart in Malawi and hope the Lord will allow us to visit again one day. As we adjust to life back in the USA, we can’t help but be humbled that God allowed us the privilege to serve overseas.


Staff seeing us off at the airport 

Summer Time

Our summer was busy with two North American teams and three National Boot camps. The short-term preteen team built a very nice playground for the staff kids to play on at our base in Salima (the central region of Malawi). It had been a goal of ours for years to make a playground. We had hoped that our future children would be able to play on it as well, but God had other plans. The short-term teen team drilled a well in one of the local villages; opening up future doors for ministry in an all Muslim village. 

Beautiful Malawi sunrise


We had a little over 500 Malawi youth attend our camps in Malawi. Many made first time decisions to follow Christ. The summer program is a wonderful chance for Malawian youth to learn God’s Word and grow closer in their spiritual walk with the Lord. Reaching Malawi youth with the gospel is one of the best ways to see the country of Malawi (or any country for that matter) turn from their ways and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. 



What is next?

This is the question everyone is asking! And, to be honest, we’re still asking the Lord this as well. Bethany and I still feel called to be full time missionaries, however, we currently feel God calling us to a country that is in a lot of darkness right now and needs the Gospel more than ever. It’s a country we both love and is near and dear to our hearts. Can you guess where? That country is The United States of America. Bethany and I will be returning to our International Office in Florida, to serve the Lord here in our home country, where we will be discipling and training others to serve the Lord as full time missionaries. We will, Lord willing, still have the chance to do ministry overseas and hope to be able to return to Malawi someday, if the Lord permits.

We are now on the road speaking at our sending churches and hopefully seeing many of you! We want to thank everyone that has hosted us in their homes, given us meals and encouraged us since coming home to the USA!


Praise Reports!

•In our last newsletter, we asked for you to please pray about some specific things. Well, the first praise is my health. I had bloodwork done right before we left Malawi and my blood levels were right where they should be and we praise the Lord for that!

•We asked for prayer that I find healthcare, since I only had healthcare in Malawi, and God made a way for me to get affordable healthcare here in the States.

•God placed something amazing on a family’s heart, and we were given a VAN! We can’t express how thankful we are that God provided a vehicle for us, even before we left Malawi soil.

•We had smooth travels to the USA!

•We have seen God hand’s in our lives so much and we give HIM all the glory for what HE has done.

How to be part of our sending team!

We welcome you to please join our sending team, whether it is as a prayer partner or monthly financial supporter, or both! We would love to have you join with us in impacting this world for Christ. 

Thank you for standing with us in ministry. We could not be on the field without you being a part of our team. We know times are hard and it’s a sacrifice, and we pray that God blesses you and your families for helping to build the Kingdom of God in the hearts and lives of everyone He sends our way.

If you are ever in Florida, we would love to see you! We have a guest bedroom that is always open. We don’t know yet what team we will be leading this summer, but we hope by our next newsletter, that we can share where God will send us!

Together in ministry,

Josiah and Bethany Frey 

Prayer Requests:

1.For our adjustment to the USA to go smoothly

2.For us to seek the Lord in every decision

3.For our marriage to grow stronger in the Lord

4.For God to continue to meet our needs

5.For us to both stay healthy and strong and for my red blood cell count to stay up.

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