Kattie Curl Newsletter (Fall 2017)

Greetings Everyone from Sunny Florida!


I want to start off by thanking you for all your prayers and support. I’m only able to be here and do this because I have wonderful people like you that make this possible.  I hope you truly understand how much I appreciate everything you do!!

This summer I had the honor of being one of the leaders on the Zimbabwe Team. We had a crazy summer but looking back on it now, I would not change a thing about it. We had 26 team members and three leaders. I would sometimes forget how big the team was until they lined up for a meal and then I could see the big long line that seemed to never end. We had some awesome people on the team. I would have to say, their singing is one of the things I miss the most; I loved to hear them sing. We even had one very talented young lady on the team who wrote a song that was absolutely beautiful!

Some of the other really cool things the team members did were: one of the guys on the team liked to make coffee and tea for everyone every day, when we would let him in the kitchen. We had a team member who, while we were traveling, helped us keep track of all the bags because we just had so many of them. One of our team members was so fast with the eye charts it was fun to stand back and watch her and the care and love she had for the people she was helping.  I could literally spend this whole newsletter bragging about how helpful the team members were on this team from the handful of members that were always asking and willing to help in the kitchen any time we needed them, to the silly things we would say every time things started to get a little crazy. On the spiritual aspect, our head male leader was such a great spiritual leader and helped all of us look at things differently. He would often tell us that God is always talking to us, we just have to be willing to slow down and look for the little signs that God is using.  We were an Eyeglass Team and therefore pretty much every day we would go out to villages and test the eyes of people in that village. 

As we were such a big team, part of the team would do eye testing while the other half would go outside and play with all the kids. The kids at the local villages enjoyed playing this game I liked to call, “Chase the Americans”. The team members would take off running while all the kids would run after them. The crazy part was when they would catch the team members, they would pretty much knock the team members over trying to get to them. On a totally different note, we saw some pretty amazing things happen through the power of prayer. As one of our team members said one day after we were done at the villages, “I don’t see how people can’t believe in God after seeing what we saw today!” I think this was what we were all thinking in that moment.  Again I just want to thank you for praying for the whole team this summer—we had a lot of cool things happen this summer, but also a lot of challenges, so thank you again for praying!

After all the team members went home it was time for us to leave and go on deputation. It was so nice to be back home in Ohio, getting to see friends and family, and sharing about my summer in Zimbabwe. It was a crazy three weeks that was filled with speaking, hanging out with friends, going to my high school football games, and helping my mom pick out finishing touches for my mom and dad’s new house that is almost finished. My time home ended up getting extended a week because of the hurricane that hit Florida. Because of that I was able to go see a few more people and was blessed to be able to go to an Ohio State football game. 

I ask that you please keep praying for everyone that was on the Zimbabwe Team. They are all back in school now and some have started college—pray that they would keep focused on God and what He has planned for their life and for God to protect them as they are on their journey. Pray for me as well—when I came back to Florida after the hurricane I came back to a mess because we were broken into before the hurricane hit. Pray that I would start to feel safe again. Please pray for all the new team members who are signing up for next year’s summer teams, that they would go where God is calling them to go.

In Christ

Kattie Curl

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