Loretta Smith Newsletter (Fall 2017)

Greetings Family, Friends, and Supporters:


Loretta and Gana, Teen Missions Mongolia staff

Our God is good all the time. Praising Him in all things, all the time. My last letter asked for you to pray for my mamma, at age 94, as she just wanted to go see her Lord face to face…our prayers and hers were answered on June 10th, 2017. I got to talk in her ear by way of a call arranged by the staff pastors at Calvary Chapel Merritt Island. In less than 24 hours she went home…no hospital, few meds, and oxygen. She is at home now… Thank you for all your prayers through the years, another saint is in glory!

Well here we are in September and here is what has been happening.

2017 Mongolian Boot Camp with the American team

We started the Mongolia Boot Camp on July 6 with leaders training—this year we had five come to training, that’s four more than last year, thank you, Lord. On July 7, the American team of 22 came on board to help run the Boot Camp. On the 11th , 26 Mongolian team members arrived. Now that is more than double the kids from last year…your prayers answered.

Where was I in all of this? My first 90 days of registration ended on July 5th, so I had a plane ticket to Cambodia for the 4th. Got my ticket then to exit Mongolia. I had to pass through Immigration….oops’ a problem or misunderstanding on my part. I was told at entrance in April that all I needed was stamped in my passport. Not so, I was to go to Immigration and register in seven days. I hadn’t done this so now I was kept in Mongolia for 2 ½ weeks longer. YES! Now I got to meet the US team, see Boot Camp up and running. It was a great gift from our Lord.

Cambodian conveyor belt restaurant

Off to Cambodia on July 27th. I was met in Siem Reap by some of our American staff that had a team ending their mission in Cambodia. I got to do a day of travel with them, to see the ruins of Ankara, do an elephant ride, then to an amazing dinner. In one of my pictures, you’ll see food on a conveyor belt that travels around the customers. Where you are seated there is a cook pot in front of you. Now you take whatever you want to put in your pot and cook your own meal…fun! Lots of questions as to “what is that”? Frog, chicken, ants, snake or eel? Lots of veggies, most I’ve never seen before. The team left the next day and I was off to our countryside BMW school, a six-hour drive.

Cambodia BMW reunion with the Wylies

Here I was asked to teach Prophecy II. Khmer is the language, so I had a translator helping. Our mid-term test was not good, then the students and I learned more about how to communicate. Final test and all passed, thank you, Lord. Eschatology is so fun, and relevant to today’s world.

Cambodia was so hot compared to Mongolia. I had a fan for the nights that really helped me to sleep. The mosquitoes were minimal, praise you, Jesus. I got to work with the Bible school students preparing for their Boot Camp to start Sept. 5th. I left on the 4th to Shanghai, China, but had to stay over due to scheduling, got had my first hot water shower in six weeks…soo nice. I arrived back in Mongolia on September 6th.

I hit the ground running as we want to start our Bible school this month. Before I left we thought we had found some land and an old church to remodel and use as a school and living place for our students. Problems arose and doors closed for this to happen. Now what Jesus? With prayer, we decided to move into our summer house that is less than 45 minutes away from the capital where we live. The buses run out to the summer home area year around. The house is not insulated, the windows are single pane and there is lots of work to be done. The foundation was sheared up this summer so work had started on the needed repairs. See pictures of the house before work started and as it now stands.

School? Will I believe I heard that small still voice say, “prepare the place and they will come”. We are moving on the preparations, the classes can start here in our office, apartment and then we will move out to the forest house when finished. No students have applied to date and we want to start by the second week of October.

My future looks like this, but all is flexible. Teen Missions has a now married couple coming in mid-December. They have committed to three years in Mongolia. We are still working on getting our INGO status that will allow us at least one full visa. As for now, Americans can only stay 180 days a year, must leave at end of first 90 days then return whenever, and can do another 90 days. It will mean juggling on our part, and lots of God’s intervention to make this work.

As you can see, we need lots of prayer coverage for our work here in Mongolia. Missionaries here are always being watched by the government. Yes the Mongolian constitution reads tolerant of all religions, but that’s not how the government works.

Prayer requests:

1. Preparations for the school, students, teachers.

2. Doors open for Tanner and Anna Besosa to come and work for three years.

3. Lord, we need water for the house and school. Show us how to store, drill a well, whatever we need to do to have water for 12-15 people.

4. Bring in the students, Lord. This is a free Bible school, requires a three-year commitment from the students. We furnish their food and lodging, and school supplies.

5. As for me, Loretta, health, to stay strong, and enjoy the Fruits of His Spirit.

In His Service, in Mongolia

Loretta Smith, Joshua 1:9

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